What do clogged pores look like?

A year ago I formed this little pimple on my chin. I tried to pop it, but nothing came out. The skin easily comes off ... but nothing is under it. 3 Months later I had 10 more all around my chin/neck. They are skin colored ... and it looks like little chucks of make-up. I have oily skin and may have applied lotion to the area at some time. Does anyone have any idea as to what this could possibly be? No matter how many times I pick (and I know that is bad) they do not leave!

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    sounds like ingrown hairs, I am unclear if you are male or female, but anyway, it could be... I would ask your regular doctor for a referral to a dermatologist. You might need Retin-A or something stronger than what is available at the drug store.

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    The needle treatment above sounds a little painful. I have had luck with just squeezing them out with tweezers. yes, it hurts and leaves a red mark. I wouldn't do this right before work or a date either, because of the red mark. Keep your face clean and maybe get some of that skin abrassive cleaner. It scrubs the skin, also, I would lay off athe oily foods for awhile to see if it does any good. Sorry to sound gross, but if you squeeze it and a hair comes out, it is an ingrown hair. Is stuff comes out, you mihght have a blackhead, they can also be white so don't let the name mislead you.

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    The reason there "appears" that nothing is in there is because there is no outside tunnel in which to get out. If you will take a needle that you dipped in alcholol, poke it dead center, circle it a bit to widen the opening, remove the needle, massage the area for a few moments; then as you place your fingers under the mass and lightly squeese, blood will come out. Then take the needle and make sure you poke only deep enough to be into the white head. When you push or squeeze this time a white perfectly formed ball should be extracted. Wipe with alcohol or peroxide. These grease balls form under the skin and unless you go to a dermatologist for them to remove it and pay big $$$ your on your own.

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    Blackheads.Use a soap with abrasive particles,such as St.Ives apricot scrub.

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    they look like well they are black heads and when you sueeze them out they are black tip and white stuff which leaves holes in your face

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