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How do u get rid of really bad hemorrhoids?

my daughter has them really bad

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    Well, they cut my dad's out and it was done right in the doctors office. If the hemorrhoid is not large but if it is it may take more than one cut to get it all out. It is simple but you will have to watch how much blood your daughter will lose. Hemorrhoids bleed badly and the best thing to put on them is a kotex or max pad without wings. It helps absorb the blood and provides a cushion as well.

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    I was plagued wth hemorrhoids, to the point that they would come out, become irritated, and bleed. About 4 years ago I heard that applying Castor Oil to them - just around the opening of my anus would help.

    It worked almost immediately, and I haven't had a bleeding one since. They also shrunk to where I am hardly aware that I have hemorrhoids.

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    Surgery is the only way to completely get rid of hemorrhoids. You can only treat the symptoms any other way.The surgery is simple and quick with an easy recovery.

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    The only treatment for non-reducible piles(Stage 3 haemorrhoids) is haemorrhoidectomy.

    A friend of mine had his haemorrhoids surgically removed and he needed pethidine before going to the toilet for about 3 weeks after. He said afterwards that the pain post-operatively was so bad he would put up with piles if they recurred rather than go through it again.

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    Surgery may be needed. You need to talk to a doctor.

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    Have them tied up in side. its better then having them cut out not long down time .I glad i had it done feel lot better and they were, were Bad.

    good luck

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    go to the doc and have them cut the hemorrhoilds out. Yes it hurts but it is worth it I had it done,

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