What are general health tips?

what type of diet, how much sleep, how much exercise, etc.

don't tell me it depends on the individual because i'm looking for general tips for everyone

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    8 hours of sleep each day minimum

    play ball or sport 3 times a week. you can also go to a gym and do some cardio [run or bicycle]. or go to a swimming pool. what i suggest is get a subscription to a local gym. that means you will go there every week.

    stay away from sugars, animal fat, or industrial food. eat lean foods : beef, turkey, chicken, brown rice, pasta, fruits, vegetables, olive oil. reduce coffee amount. get as much as fresh water as possible. that means bring a bottle of water with you all times.

    of course, if you smoke, it is the good moment to try stopping. let people know about your goals. if you drink hard alcohol, stop also. however, red and white wine is good for you so a glass once in a while is great, for these parties.

    eat slowly. if you eat too fast, try to appreciate what you eat.

    go to the countryside every 6 months.

    stay clean and shower everyday.

    laugh. smile. jump. play like a kid every once in a while.

    have true relationships [true, scientific research shows that peace of mind is healthy for the body too]

    added today 17th: go to dentist every 6 months, and do a general health check with a doctor every year

    final point: scientific research shows that the only way to live longer is to eat less everyday [meaning you need to have that light hungry feeling after a meal] and sexual abstinence. I am not sure everyone wants that though, it is sure monks live longer, but it is "healthier" to live life at its fullest

    Source(s): myself and my experience
  • 6-8 8 ounce glasses of water a day, more if you drink coffee or alchohol a lot. 8-10 hours of sleep a day, and 1 hour of excersize a day. I don't know a single person who has time for that, though. If you want some diet tips or meal plans, go to www.sparkpeople.com, it's amazing. it's like ediets.com except free. awesome!!!

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    Drinking 2 litres of water a day, Fresh veggies, and about 8 hours sleep.

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