why did ethiopia remain independant?

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how was ethiopia able to maintain independennce? what did the government have to do to maintain it?

how did ethiopia interact with other countries during the colonial age? what was the standard of living during this time? how were the lives of ethiopians affected?

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why were ethiopia and liberia the only countries that were able to remain free in the scramble for africa? how did independence effect the lives of ethiopians? was being uncolonized for better or for worse for ethiopia?

For good, they retained their freedom. but what else was there?

for worse, they became isolated in trade, and had to resort to try to conquer other countries for their supplies.

What other positive and negative outcomes were there of independence?

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    I just took a survey of african history class, -I dont remember very much of it, but I do remember in the book The African Experience By Vincent Khapoya, they do talk about how the ethiopians remained independent. It is revoled around religion. You can get the book at the library. Hope this helps, sorry if it doesn't.

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