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I think my cat has a cold, is that possible?

I'm a kinda broke right now & can't really afford to take her to the vet, any suggestions? Will it run it's course & she'll be fine? I'm really worried.


She seems to be coughing (not the hairball type of cough) and she is sneezing as well.

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    Cats can contract upper respiratory infections just like people can. They can sneeze, have a runny nose and eyes, and be lethargic. Occasionally, an upper respiratory infection is indicative of a bigger problem, like an infectious disease or an underlying medical condition.

    You might have some success calling local veterinarian's office and asking if they know of any low cost clinics that can treat your cat. More often than not, humane societies and animal protective leagues can give you discounted care. Alternatively , some emergency clinics offer financial aid to people who need help with vet bills. Make some phone calls and see what help you can get - it's out there!

    In the meanwhile, make sure your cat continues eating and drinking. Cats are very motivated to eat by the smell of food, and if they're congested, it can mess with their appetite. Warm up her food or add something yummy to it if she seems disinterested.

    Good luck with your kitty!

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    Yes, cat's get upper respiratory infections similar to human colds.

    Some will run their course in a couple days while others can be serious, even lethal to kittens.

    If it doesn't clear up in several days at most, bite the bullet and get kitty to a vet. If kitty is a kitten, get to a vet right now.

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    It depends on the sickness. When you can afford to, take your cat to the vet. Cats have very strong instinct. In the wild the sick, injured, and old are the best prey. If they are sick they won't show it. It is SO important to take your cat for their annuals. Your cat could be sick, and you might not have a clue. I strongly suggest that, as soon as you can, take your cat to the vet even if it seems like they are OK. Also you can look in your area to see if their are any animal rescue organizations that will offer an exam.

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    Upper respiratory infections can be life threatening to a cat if it is not treated. it can lead to pneumonia and death. you must take your kitty to the vet ASAP for meds. Upper respiratory infections in cats can also lead to other opportunistic bacterial or parasitic infection. Talk to a couple of local vets and try to work out a payment plan. When you were a child and ill, didn't your parents take you to the doctor, no matter what? why would you let your kitty suffer?

    Source(s): my cat had rhinotracheitis, a type of upper respiratory infection. check out for more info on upper respiratory infections.
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    I would take her to the vet, she may have an infection. If you haven't had her vaccinated she could have the permanent feline rhinovirus (I'm not sure if that is the exact name). Once they have this virus, you can't get rid of it and it is very contagious. Generally, if you give them an antibiotic, like Clavomox, they get better. In rare cases they suffer from spinal lesions and become totally paralyzed. I have two cats that have had that from the time I brought them home. I can't use carpet powders or much air freshener because it aggravates their condition and causes them to relapse, kind of like allergies.

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    It may run its course, but just remember a cat won't eat what it can't smell. Often I see cats with the rhinotracheitis virus (a strain of feline herpes) and it can get very severe. If she stops eating, you'll need to find some money sooner rather than before its too late.

    - a concerned dvm

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    sounds like an upper respiratory infection. Probably won't clear up on its own, could lead to pneumonia. I would get your kitty in to a vet as soon as possible

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    Call the local Humane Society and speak to someone on the clinic staff. They may be able to suggest something, or see you on a sliding scale.

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    It should run its course.. however if the cat is unvaccinated and you are unsure of more serious diseases you should seek out your vet. Without more symptoms it is hard to tell.

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    I agree with leftygirl. You should probably get some meds for her through your vet. I know it is expensive but it sounds like an URI

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