What's your favorite modern day rock band?

Mine would have to be Pearl jam as they play kicass music with meaningful lyrics both introspective and political songs. They have also been around longer than most modern day rock bands. Goin to see them May 25th in boston.
Update: don't understand why tool is popular
Update 2: pearl jam is out now so it is modern. they are a rock band, they arent grunge anymore and barely ever were. Ten was full of anthem rock. yeah it had a dark side but they are a classicist rock band.
Update 3: if U2 is modern then PJ definitely is buddy. Although the killers are my favorite out of these others listed.
Update 4: He\'s got a big gold ring which says Jesus Saves
and it\'s dented from the punch thrown at work that day
when he smashed the metal locker where he kept his things
after the big boss say You best be on your way
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