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bucky asked in Arts & HumanitiesDancing · 2 decades ago

Why do so many women like to dance? What is so fun about it?

Why do women like dancing? Is it sexual? Is it the closeness? Every answer I have found is, "It's fun." Well why is it fun? I am not trying to cut down dance in any way and am not being macho. I just want to understand why so many women like dancing while so few men (myself included) do. Also, it seems to me that most men "enjoy" dancing only as long as it can get them women. Since this is not my concern, why dance learn to dance at all?


In my experience few men like to dance. If someone can present me with statistics to the contrary, I will be happy to take back my remarks on the issue. I am not cutting down men (or women) who do like to dance. I believe someone who would automatically start defending his sexuality over my question is obviously feeling insecure about something. I happen to know some really tough, strong men who like to dance. I don't believe that wanting to dance makes one effeminate. Futhurmore, I am not one who criticizes from the sidelines. I am taking a dance class and embarrass myself there every time I attend. I know what it feels like to look like a fool while learning a new thing and am not simply cutting down something I am too afraid to try. My main concern relates to the reasons to continue with my dance education. I simply cannot find an objective reason or purpose behind dancing.

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  • 2 decades ago
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    Most women like to dance because it's a form of expressing themselves in a joyous manner. It's one method of stress relieve in a positive, energetic way. Depending on the type of music, dancing can sometimes be meant for a sexual purpose of obtaining closeness to another individual. Dancing increases ones energy level, and boosts mental stamina. Yes, Dancing Is FUN! It has so many benefits, physical, mental, and social:

    it teaches relationships necessary in close teamwork;

    it teaches discipline through practice and routines;

    it teaches an appreciation and further understanding of music's rhythm and temp;

    it teaches economics and fluidity in movement;

    it teaches poise and balance; it teaches self-confidence;

    it teaches good dress and appearance.

    it teaches a skill and ability that will be very useful all throughout life - in social situations, in business growth, and in offering a great exercise.

    I truly hope this answers your questions

  • 4 years ago

    Like To Dance

  • 6 years ago

    This is not an answer, but a consideration to your question. I'm mexican-american and it's very common in mexico for both men and women to know how to dance. It's not just a few men as you say. I was actually one of those who didn't learn to dance (Bachata, Salsa) until later on in life and I was inspired to join cause of the reason most men do... women. I definitely think there's a cultural facet to it. Now that I know how to dance, I actually enjoy it very much in and of itself. I couldn't agree more with Lady_V's (best answer), it's for fun and all those other reasons she enumerated. Even still, women I think do have a special attraction to dancing because when I first truly impressed a girl with my moves, it was almost like she was mesmorized. It's almost like women crack. Like I said, this isn't an answer to why women like it so much.

    One more thing, I dont think that in general one can really understand ANYTHING until one experiences it first hand. I don't think words writtien in a forum will be where you'll find answers.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    I dance with my wife because it was one of her 1st requirements just for her to date me, and since there never seem to be enough males at these gatherings, I dance with a lot of other women too. Women like it more, partly because it is one of those physical skills that women seem to have an advantage over the males. They tend to be shorter, lighter and with their broad hips better balanced.No matter how good I get at my favorite dance (East Coast Swing) some woman will show me that she is better.Also, it is a venue where the women can reveal their sexual prowess without being committed or crude (although a few are). I am particularly thinking of a conservatively dressed minister's wife with a large family,and who never flirts, but moves on the dance floor like she doesn't have any joints.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Some feel that it is more a style of dance rather than fun. With dancing many times you mimic what you see often. It just grew. I don't personally do it often. I may grind on my actual man, but that only happens with the one song that is the song that makes sense to do it on. Like a song about grinding. Other than that, I like to show my dancing abilities not booty shaking ones. Anyone can shake there butts all over the place.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I came here because I had the same curiosity too after watching Strictly Come Dancing and seeing how much the women go potty for dancing and believing it must have

    some sort of sexual angle.

    However, reading all the replies to this topic completely didn't answer my question or satiate my appetite at all and quite frankly I find the replies laughable.

    The main criticism with these replies is they are all looking at the results rather than the route cause. Cause and effect you see. Don't look at the finale to find out why

    something is happening but where something is coming from.

    All of these answers saying it is fun are the results and NOT the cause.

    Anyway, I have effectively answered my own question because I worked out the CAUSE by myself and realised all these questions can be answered the same way.

    Questions such as 'why do men like sports more than women?', or 'why do men like fighting?', or 'why do girls like to play with dolls and boys like playing army?'. All of

    these questions can be answered the same way and it comes down to ancestry and the Darwinian theory of 'Survival of the Fittest'.

    Why do men and women do stuff today? Look to yesterday. Men play sports because it is good practice for hunter gathering. The best athletes practice and therefore they

    become the best hunters and SURVIVE.

    So why do women like to dance? Because women are the peacocks of the Homo Sapien species. Why do birds dance? Why are peacocks so pretty? To attract a mate. Women

    like to dance because it is in their DNA. The best flirts and dancers survived as they attracted a mate and propagated the species. Men didn't need to attract a mate in the

    same way but effectively took what they liked the most. So the same dance gene didn't pass down the male line but only the female side.

    So in a way it is sort of sexual but that would be way too simplistic.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    I used to teach modern dance in the 70s and 80s.

    Most women like men who dance BUT,..... they don't

    like it when the men are better then they are at dancing.

  • 2 decades ago

    I enjoy dancing as it enables me to let go of the chatter and stress of my normal life. I guess I use it as a stress buster in someways and in my opinion its more fun than going to the gym. I think that the whole women dance and guys don't is a bit dated as I know guys who love to dance and women who can't stand it.

    At the end of the day it comes down to your own personal preferences, if you don't enjoy dancing you probably find it hard to see why people are so into it and people who love to dance can't always see why other people aren't so keen.

    The best advice I can offer to you is to look around at the different types of dance and see if you find one which is better suited to you as a person. Really you should only continue dancing if you really want to, if you're not that interested then you're probably just stressing yourself further.

  • 2 decades ago

    Dancing. I a guy and the only dancing I do is ddr dancing. And its all about the music for me. Any other dancing I don't get

  • 8 years ago

    Bucky and the to "best answer" below: You both have some very culturally flawed assumptions. Many cultures around the world have a balance of dancers (male/female). Because of male musculature, men are often the best dancers in any particular culture. Your question really should be: "What happened in my cultural background that I have been robbed from the natural human desire to dance?" Even more to the point is why your (European/American) culture predicts the blocking of your basic humanity. Only very young animals who dance to music are humans. Humans are naturally obsessed with music. We make musical instruments and sing out songs that were never sung before (unlike birds whose "song" is a predetermined set of tones).

    Surely another male in a different culture, would ask: "What is wrong with those Europeans/American men? Why are the so disconnected from their body that they are afraid to dance?" Don't they know that if you don't dance you have fewer chances to date the most wonderful women? And I think I can answer that man foreign man's question.

    Sir, we North Americans and Europeans have grown up in a culture who has forbidden dance as sinful. If we still wanted to dance we were called sissy. If we didn't mind those obstacles and still were dancing we are called a fool. We even have a term for it: "dancing fool." Sir, even the women around us wonder if we are gay if we like to dance. Sir even if we are truly not gay, adore women, love to hold them and dance all night, many female, "expert" dance teachers STILL think that women are somehow better at dancing. Homosexual men are indeed good dancers, and heterosexual need to learn something from them: If you are worried what people think of your basic humanity, then you will never come "out of the closet" where the little boy that once dance has been standing for years, wanting to be a man who is free to dance.

    But please do NOT believe me. Stay home! I enjoy having hardly any competition with hoards of young men who are great dancers. So I can dance all night with some of the most beautiful women in the world as you stay home in your closet. No, please know that I do not mean that. I am actually sad that that little boy in you is in a stuffy closet. Come out!

    Here's a fuller answer:

  • 2 decades ago

    First of all, each female likes/dislikes dancing for a personal reason. I think women feel free while dancing, and also dancing is most likely to be liked by an active female, as a kind of sport/activity.

    Anyway remember that dancing is also a kind of time spending way, where you can have fun with your friends, smth most people would enjoy.

    Don't you guys like it?

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