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What is the coolest lego set ever made? And why is it the coolest?

What is your favorite lego set?

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    When I was a little kid I had the fire station and the police station. They were amazing - blue glass for the cop shop and little police men and cars. Came complete with a helicopter landing pad + helicopter and even (get this) a little police motorbike. I loved it.

    I must say - when I walk into a store these days and see dino lego or whatever, I'm a bit dissapointed. My nephew has some of it and it's crap - no construction - just 4 or 5 pieces and off you go - and the parts are specific to that one toy - so you can't create crazy multicoloured buildings and starships. Most of the joy for me was in the building.

    Source(s): I'm a sad old man... ;)
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    pirate lego was my favourite, because it gave more opportunity for random adventures, which lego is all about. for christmas i got a lego island, where you build up the castle, the ship and all the pirates. i well miss lego, it gave me my childhood.

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    Lego Mind-Storms. It's programmable, you can't get better than that.

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    I'd always make cars with enough room for like, 10 people (lego people of course) either that or little houses. @->-->-

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    My (and my kid's) favourite is the kit #4886.

    Why? Because the main model resembles our home almost exactly!

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    The ones my kids like.

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    I dont know

    they are all cool

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    bionicles. because they just are. period.

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