Is limestone a good insulated builing material for a home?

A friend is renovating an old building made of limestone and has asked me to assist in designing the interior. I'd like to leave the natural limestone interior but don't know if it's going to be enough or if we'll need to insulate against the changing climate in Northern Illinois.

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    Stone, brick, earth have a very low R value- less than 1R per inch.( clay/earth/cob/adobe is only 1/4 R per inch) if you want the stone wall' look ' on the inside you will have to insulate the outside and cover that with more stone, or something else. no getting around it, or pay high energy bills in winter.

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    limestone is a very crappy insulator as it is porous and retains moisture from inside and out this moisture trans mitts the heat and cold. You could try to seal the outer with a great spray on acrylic sealant and keep the ventilation up for the interior. Expect higher than conventional heating/cooling costs. Just keep in mind it is probably worth the aesthetics. Just seal the outside.

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    only thing is you need to know how thick the stone is for stone will hold heat in winter and in summer it will keep the heat out but the thickness is very important for it to have any amount of insulating ; just go in a stone house in the heat of summer and you can feel the coolness first hand.

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    Any stone retains heat in summer and cold in winter. You need to insulate.

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    I would say "no"

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