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hey plz help me in my search?

i'm working on a story. for a part of it i want to show a very wealthy family living somewhere in a castle or a luxury mansion in a peaceful area in scotland, u know, around greenery and lochs and all. plz give me some hints for my search

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    A couple of details required:

    Is this a present-day story, or set in the past?

    Does it need to be landed gentry: a duke, marques? Do they need to be Scottish? Quite a few castles are foreign-owned nowadays.

    Are you planning to use the family in your story, or do you just want their background for inspiration?

    If it's contemporary wealth, you may want to start by checking out the Sunday Times Rich List for Scotland:,,200...

    If it's hereditary wealth, try the Marques of Bute: The Bute family owns 55,000 acres and a huge art collection. Property includes Mount Stuart ancestral estate on the Isle of Bute (where Paul McCartney's daughter married, and I think it's now primarily a tourist attraction), and a stately home: Dumfries House, Ayrshire. More clan chiefs can be found here:

    Another option is Beaufort Castle, seat of the Frasers of Lovat (most famous member is Honor Fraser, supermodel), and currently owned by Ann Gloag, bus tycoon, who is planning to turn the estate into a golf resort...

    For less visible wealth, you could try - Carphin House - I have no idea if this is a wealthy family

    You could also be inspired by the castle/mansion itself: search Savills for residential property in Scotland costing more than 500,000 pounds. I found Ardvourlie Castle, Isle of Harris; Lochside, Arden Estate, Loch Lomond; and quite interesting, Inverernan House, owned by Scottish artist Andrew Lawson Johnston:

    But my favourite suggestion is Carradale House, home of author Naomi Mitchinson until her death in 1999:

    Kintyre is a gorgeous area: I've been kayaking on the sea there, and it's wonderful country: we walked for miles in the dark to the nearest pub in pitch dark...

    Source(s): try their Places search engine for castles, mansions. analysis of current landownership in Scotland Scottish publication, features homes
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    Since your question is in the Edinbugh sectioon I shall restrict my comments to some wealthy famolies in the Edinburgh area.

    You could contact the following (or their factors):

    Earl of Rosebery: Dalmeny Estate, South Queensferry

    Marquess of Linlithgow: Hopetoun Estate

    Sir Jack Stewart Clark: Dundas Castle Estate.

    Hope this is of help :-)

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    The Western Isles (Hebrides, etc) are staggeringly beautiful. Sea rather than lochs, of course, but even so they're wonderfully atmospheric and romantic. Skye would be my own personal choice, but Arran has a superb castle on it.

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    Sorry, the National Trust has all the castles in Scotland.

    and there are no wealthy people there.

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    go to loch lomand some beautiful places there and its a woinderful place quiet peaceful wot u would want

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