Can a virus attack only *.exe files ?

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I use limewire. So far I have noticed that only executable files (*.exe) are being infected with viruses. Is it that viruses attack only *.exe files or all types of files?? So can i more
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Even a rar or zip files can contain virus. in my personal experiece, i am saying... please dont download file of size 871K or something in 800s. its surely a virus. it will b mostly in rar or zip. Beware. viruses can affect any file. Not necessarily be exes...

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Thanks for the info :]
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  • godoompah answered 8 years ago
    virus' ARE .exe files.
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  • Alias answered 8 years ago
    Viruses like to hide in ZIP files and RAR files no it is not safe. You need to scan everything with antivirus including the contents of a ZIP file..even then it might not be caught.
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  • Rick S answered 8 years ago
    No, a virus cannot only *.exe files. It can kill any computer file.


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