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How do you boil a potato?

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    in water

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    Put how ever many potatoes you need into to a large pot of water(make sure to poke holes in them!). Turn the stove setting to high. Let thtem boil 10-20 minutes depending how big the potatoes are. And then, BAM! you have boiled Potatoes!

  • Put your potato's in a pot and fill it with water then put it on the stove and turn it up to like 7 or 8 and wait until there kind of boiling. Then put a lid on the potato's but put the lid on so that some of the air can go out. After awhile poke them with a fork and if there soft then there done! i think that's how you do it! Well I do it that way. :]

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    You drop a potato in some boiling water,

    cook the potato until it is soft.

    Enjoy your boiled potato.

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    put your potatoes in a pan with cold water. when the water starts to boil, wait for 15 to 20 minutes (it depends on the size of the potatoes). to check if they are cooked, put a kinf in tho potato and it should slide off easily.

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    peal it, cut it into chuncks then still in some boillin water and leave for 20 mins, drain volia boiled potatoes

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    Its easier and quicker to put it in a little bowl, stick it in the microwave - stick holes in it so it won't blow up, set timer for four minutes - take it out and proceed with butter or whatever you'd do with it had it been boiled.

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    I think you shoudl be able to figure that one out! Pan+Water+potato= boiled potato!

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    get a pot, put water in it, get a potato and put it in the pot and turn the stove should boil

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    Well of course in water but also poke holes in it with a fork to make it cook faster.

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    peal it, cut it, put it in water, turn the stove on, and boil baby boil!

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