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How come my doctor asked if I had recently had dental work done because of infection?

I have an infection in my breast following breast augmentation surgery. My doc asked if I have had any procedures such as dental, etc... ( I haven't ) What does that have to do with the infection?

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    often times, when going to the dentist, when cleaing your teeth they will puncture your gums, a little bleeding no big deal, right? but those cuts allow bacteria into the bloodstream. for most people, this is no problem, however if you have a heart valve problem or a heart murmur or even recent surgery, your body is already vulnerable and cannot fight off bacteria that a normal immune system could

    hope your infection clears up!

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    Bacteria in the mouth can travel through the blood stream and cause an infection in a weakened part of your body. In your case you had breast surgery and that was your bodies weakest area so your doctor just wanted to make sure that during your healing you didn't expose your body to potential infection through dental work.

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    infections in the mouth are dangerous because the blood stream will carry the bacteria to other parts of the body. as for me , i had a tooth infection and my doctor explained how it was also causing a kidney infection

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    Expanding on what the first 2 respondents said: dental work can facilitate introduction into your bloodstream of the bacteria in your mouth.

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    Time to go to a dentist. An infection in the mouth is dangerous because it is so close to the brain. Do not procrastinate your health should be your top priority because without that you have nothing else.

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    at any given time for any reason an infection might not stay localized. as the blood travels through the body it caries bacteria, virus, nutrients, vitamins, etc.

    although am curious about what other questions he asked you?

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    Becasue sometimes bacteria from your mouth can cause infections. Something people should really be aware of. PEOPLE! FLossing IS IMPORTANT!!!

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