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Is this fair? The Palestinians can't elect their own government.?

Since the election of Hamas group, hell has dropped on the Palestinians from around the world especially from countries that claim "democracy". Why these people have to suffer and starve to death because they want "democracy" in their life.

Is "democracy" works in USA and UK alone, but the election in Palestine consider "Terrorism"!! and these people should be punished to elect such a group. So what is the definition of "democracy" and the freedom of voting.

Is it only when it serves such countries in their favor?

Imagin your self whith a full time job and at the end of each month you are not paid your wages for 3 months because the government has no money to pay you! What can you do?

Imagin you are driving your car and ran out of gas you pulled at 10 gas stations with no gasoline available. What you going to do?

Imagin you'r sick you want some medical treatment then you go to hospitals around and no one have the right medications for you. What are you going to do?

Is this fair?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    No. The US is pro-democracy and is fighting in Iraq to "whip a little democracy on them", but when we disagree with a democraticly elected government, all bets are off. The reason Hamas is a "terrorist" organization is because thats the only way they have left to fight for their rights. They are not allowed to have tanks, guns, and fighter jets like Israel. What they have left are sticks and stones and suicide bombers.

    IS it fair that Isreal, supported and heavily funded by the US, is being allowed to build a wall seperating Palestinians from their families, from their best wells and most fertile land, from their jobs? Is it fair that The US funds one side (Israel) with 1/3 of all its foreign aid, and ignores or chastises the other? Is it fair that The US attacks Iraq for ignoring UN resolutions, but funds and supports Israel for doing the same?


    Here is a list of UN resolutions Israel is in violation of:

    General Assembly Resolution 194

    Security Council Resolution 242

    Security Council Resolution 446

    General Assembly Resolution 3236

    Security Council Resolution 1397

    and a list of UN resolutions condeming Israel specifically related to the Palestinians (including 4 for violating the Geneva Convention):

    Resolution 446

    Resolution 450

    Resolution 452

    Resolution 465

    Resolution 467

    Resolution 468

    Resolution 469

    Resolution 471

    Resolution 476

    Resolution 478

    Resolution 484

    Resolution 592

    Resolution 605

    Resolution 607

    Resolution 608

    Resolution 636

    Resolution 641

    Resolution 672

    Resolution 673

    Resolution 681

    Resolution 694

    Resolution 726

    Resolution 799

    And lastly, a list of the parts of The Fourth Geneva Convention Israel is in violation of:

    Articles 31-33

    Article 47

    Article 49

    Article 53

    Articles 146-147

    Hamas has called, in the past, for the destruction of Israel. Israel is slowly destroying the Palestinian state, by stealing it piece by piece. At least Hamas is honest about it's motives.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Life isn’t fair. I have to say that the Palestinians should have realized when voting that they were voting for people who advocate, train, and equip Terrorist. They are a Terrorist organization after all. I have to say that your claim that they can’t vote for their own government is false, Hamas after all is in power in Palestinine. So Democracy does work. The rest of the world has put sanctions, rightly so I might add, to try and push their view on Hamas. The rest of the world doesn’t want Hamas to be buddy buddy to Israel but just to acknowledge that Israel has the right to exist and to stop the use of Terrorism.

    First of all it’s our taxpayers’ money that was being sent over there. Are you advocating that our taxpayers money should be sent to Terrorist with no 100% guarantee that the Terrorist couldn’t use it for let me see Terrorist purposes? It is our money we have a right to impose what ever demands on it. We usually are nice about giving out money, the United States gives out 55 Billion that is with a B, a year for foreign aid.

    Am I sad for the plight of the Palestinians? Yes, but it doest mean that it takes a rocket scientist to figure out that if you vote a terrorist organization into power when the United States is fighting a war on "Terror" that they and other countries wont give aid. After all it is aid and not mandatory that we shell out our tax dollars to the world when we are 8 Trillion dollars, again that is with a T not a B, in debt.

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  • Jack
    Lv 4
    1 decade ago

    I'm sympathetic to the Palestinian plight, but what are other countries supposed to do? Hamas isn't just hostile to Israel but has the destruction of Israel (the only stable U.S. ally in the region) as part of it's charter! Clearly, the Palestinian voters told the world they had to choose between a democratic, stable nation and a nation led by a terrorist organization that endorses suicide bombings. I realize that choice was probably made from a sense of desperation borne of the factors you list above, but be real.

    Hopefully, the U.S. can find ways to funnel aid to people without also propping up Hamas. Then both sides of the conflict can (for the one-thousandth time) try to consider behaving rationally and peacefully.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    By all hell being dropped on the Palestinians I assume you mean the rest of the world stopped giving them money. Why should the world give the Palestinians money when they support terrorism. Hamas has publicly called for the destruction of Israel. Peace between Israel and the Palestinians will never happen as long as the Palestinians elect people who won't recognize Israel's right to exist. We don't have to give the Palestinians any money, they are lucky that we are nice enough to give them money when they don't elect terrorists to power.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I understand your issue, but in reality the EU/US is not saying they don't want democracy, they are saying the money that they give freely to Palestine can not go to a terrorist organization. Hamas, Palestine's new government, will not renounce terrorism, hence they get no money. All Hamas has to do is say they will stop killing people and work towards peace and they get the money again. I wouldn't give money to terrorists, either.

    What would I do? Vote for a government that will work towards peace.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    They can elect whomever they want, as apparently they have. Now, since they elected that government, don't you think that government should do their best to support their country?

    Is it now mandatory for the U.S. to give money to foreign governments just because they had a democratic election?

    If you donated money to a church for years, and then one day the church turned into a hate group like the KKK or the Rainbow Coalition, would you still donate money to them?

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  • 1 decade ago

    They can and they did elect their own government. They just made a bad choice. Don't blame the rest of the world for it. I don't sit around blaming the rest of the world because the religious nutjobs here in the US voted Bush back into office. It sounds to me like your elected government isn't doing it's job. Remember that when election time comes back around and quit whining because the rest of the world quit sending you money. We don't have to send you our money. It's ours. Now you're just being a rude beggar.

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  • 1 decade ago

    hamas is a terrorist organization whose stated goal remains to wipe out jews and israel. NO one claims they didn't win the election. NO one is disputing it. BUT now you get the results of your actions. No one wants to support your newly elected terrorist government. THE usa did not give money and aid to nazis or to the communists or to the taliban, and its not giving money to hammas either. Perhaps the arabs can help you... you know the same arabs who wont let you (arabs) become citizens ...

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  • 1 decade ago

    We should not have to pay for a government that wants to kills us more than their previous government.

    The streets of Gaza were paved with US taxpayer funds while the streets of Los Angeles have a million potholes.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Obviously, you are one of the members of Hamas Group. You should blame it to Hamas itself !!!

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