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Is pyrex microwave safe?

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    Pyrex's refractory properties and physical strength make it ideal for use in laboratories, where it is used to make high-durability glass lab equipment, such as beakers and test tubes.

    Glass cookware is another common usage; a Pyrex pie plate is almost the American standard pie dish. Pyrex measuring cups, which featured painted-on markings illustrating graduated measurements, are also widely used in American kitchens.

    Aquarium heaters are sometimes made out of pyrex. Due to its high heat resistance, it can tolerate the great temperature differences between water and the Nichrome heating element.

    Specialty tobacco pipes, though commonly used for smoking marijuana, are made from Pyrex. The high heat resistance allows the pipe to tolerate a longer period of use.

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    Pyrex Microwave

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    Is Pyrex Microwave Safe

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    Is pyrex microwave safe?

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    Pyrex can be used in the microwave, in the oven and if the temp. is low enough on top of the stove to heat things.

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    My roommate used what looks like an older pyrex pudding dish and the dish was sparking as if it were metallic in composition

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    Yes it is.

    It is conventional oven safe, and microwave safe.

    Just make sure you dont place it in water right after use.

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    In my experience, I've found its best to not go against the instructions that COME WITH THE PRODUCT. They know their products better than you, so if it doesn't say you can put food in your dish when heating, then DON'T DO IT. It's a fairly simple concept here people. But, I guess you could always be dumb, then sue them when something bad happens. CHA-CHING!

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    course its just fine as long as its not old fashoined pyrex with the gold effect on the sides

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    yes or no? is it microwave safe?

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