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How can I make characters bigger my computer screen?

The characters on my computer are so small that it is very hard to read.

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    Right click a blank space on the desktop. Choose properties. From this window you can change certain aspects of how your computer will appear. Usually going to the settings tab, and changing the resolution to a lower one (i.e. 800x600 or 1024x768) will make everything appear larger on the screen.

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    In the desktop, right-click the mouse and go to Definitions Tab. Than in the lower left corner you have a slide button to set the screen definition. Probably you have 1024x760 definition. Move the cursor to the left so you achieve a 800x600 definition. That would be enough.


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    if it is text on a website you want to increase then do the following:

    Click on 'View/Text Size' and chose a bigger size

    if it is just everything you want to make bigger than decrease your computers resolution size by right clicking on the desktop, then click on properties, then click on the 'settings' tab at the top and whola.

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    right click your desktop, click properties. (icant do it on this computer,so these might be a little off) then one of the choices say like, what sdizes u can use.im sorry i cant help right now, but i know thats what u have to do. right click and properties.

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