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Our cat brought a baby bird to our barkyard door unharmed. We can't find the mother or nest how do we help him


my cat thinks he's Human and on top of that, a humanitarian. He doesn't even chase mice. He will climb trees and my bedroom door frame, but he seems to lack a hunting instinct. He was more curious about the baby bird than anything and he ran away when it pecked his nose.

Update 2:

Thankyou everyone for your good intentions and responses! We decided to call the ASPCA and they asked us a bunch of questions like was the bird a newborn or a fledgling. It was able to hop around and chirp and it attempted to fly (the cutest thing!) so it was a fledgling. They told us that the mother was probably nearby and to put him outside in the yard. The mother bird was out there chirping like crazy. We knew it was her; they both had bright yellow beaks. She wouldn't come for him while we were there so we went inside, and after an hour or two, we saw her feeding him near the tree in our yard.

they are both gone now, back in their nest I presume.

our cat stayed inside and watched all the goings on from the window. He did get some tuna for his good behavior.

My cat the hero, or medler however you want to see it! anyway, thanks!

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    Warning! Ignore all the advice you have heard! None of these people are trained wildlife specialists. (Except maybe Saphyre) I am liscensed for mammals but not birds but I will share what I know...

    First let me dispell some of the things said earlier, the bird will not die without it's mother if you act fast unless it's severely wounded or dehydrated. Birds don't reject chicks based on scent but more on how long they have been gone from the nest if it's a single chick. Unless you wait a really long time they will take it back the mother WILL take it back. DON'T attempt to feed it anything if you can help it! Feeding can be tricky and should be left to professionals. (See last paragraph...)

    Okay, look up on Google "animal rehabilitators" with the area you are from. Find and call one in your area and they will be able to care for your bird. They have the experience to help you and deal with wild animals every day. If you can't reach a rehabber then contact local vets, shelters, or other places and see if they have the number of someone you can call.

    Until you contact help keep him/her warm and in a quite place away from kids and pets. Warm a towel till lukewarm in the dryer and place the baby on it in a shoe box or other box. Exchange the towel for a fresh warm one every hour. (I just alternate between the same two towels.) Give it lukewarm water (Only 5-10 drops)in a syringe or clean eye dropper every few hours to keep it hydrated.

    As a VERY LAST RESORT...If you must keep it for more than 24 hours and can't contact ANYONE who can help go with the moistened dog/cat food idea. Make sure it's sopping wet and put a very small amount on the handle end of a spoon or other similar object and feed or drop very tiny peices in. Don't force feed and don't feed more than the equivilant of two peices at a time. You won't want to do this for very long as it's not good for the baby but it will keep it alive for awhile....

    Also if you have a small heat pad you can save yourself the trouble with the towels. Turn the pad on LOW and put a small towel over it, you may even scrunch it up a bit to make a "nest". Check the pad constantly to make sure it doesn't get too hot. The pad only needs to be the temp of your skin! If it's too hot it may cause dehydration or even burn the baby. You can do the same thing with a hot water bottle or a jar filled with warm water and wrapped in a towel. The last two will save you from having to change the "heat source" so much, only once every couple of hours or whenever it gets cold. Rememer, test all items on your wrist...No hotter than that!

    Source(s): Small animal wildlife rehabber...
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    There is some good advise and some very bad advise here. Now unless you have a Vet that is open now, do a search on the net for your local DNR and see if they have a list of a wildlife rehabbers near you, there should be someone who can help you. As long as the baby bird has not has the skin broke by your Dog's teeth you won't have to worry about it getting an infection from the Dog's saliva. However in the mean time while you are trying to get some help you can feed the baby bird some dry cat food that has been soaked real good in warm water, it needs to be saturated. If the baby is hungry touch the beak with you finger or food so it will open it's mouth, then carefully dropped the food in. If the baby will not open it's mouth do not force it to eat. If it is sick or injured it may not wangt to eat and you could choke it by forcing it to eat. If it does eat it will stop when it is full. Do not try to force it to drink water you could also choke it, if you have soaked the food in water it will have gotten the amount of water it needed. If you need any other help or have questions please contact us. We are State Licensed to care for wild birds.


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    Actually you could maybe take it to a pound or a vet to see if they could do anything for the poor little thing, but besides that you can't really help it because once another animal or human has touched the baby bird the mother will not take the baby back and more than likely throw the bird out of the nest!!!literally

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    Of course you can help it, because letting it die would be wrong. Buy some baby bird formula from your pet store. You can also buy a feeding sirenge. Keep it in a box or plastic keeper on dry, paper towel. You need to proved it a heat pad, or an overhead heat light. Feed him as much as he asks for. Prepare it with warm tap water. When you feed him, make sure it is injected down his throat quite a ways. He will probaby lunge into it and help you out. I have raised countless baby birds, and never had any problems. It is like a little blessing. It only takes a few weeks on average and when he is released his family will still recognize him. Birds are very close to their family members, and will even recognize them after several years. Have fun!

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    Is it true? Or u want others to be fool, because a cat would never behave like this. Anyhow u want to help an helpless livings its good approach as a human being, there is no scientific way to solve this problem, but u can follow ur cat, probably u will find the right place from where the cat brought the baby bird.

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    Ignore the people who say it'll die!

    Take the bird to the vet. The vet will have contacts in wildlife care, and the baby bird will get hand-raised by a trained volenteer till it is old enough to be re-released back into the wild. ^_^

    So don't worry, it'll be okay. Keep the bird somewhere dark and quiet till you can get it to the vets.

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    Put some grass in a shoebox and put the bird in there. feed the bird crushed up worms. when i was a kid, a bird fell from our roof and lived and my mom did this to save it because it couldn't fly or anything. but when you return the bird to the wild, you have to wait until they are grown because if you do it while it's still young and it's mother finds it, the mother will kill it because she will smell the human scent on the bird. I remember my mom always wore gloves when feeding the bird too... good luck

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    If the baby survives the night, I will be surprised. Is this bird an insectivore or a seed eater? If it eats flies it gets moisture from them. Baby birds very easily aspirate water into their lungs and die, from a syringe in the mouth. Plus the fact that a cat had it in its mouth - cat saliva is deadly to birds even in a tiny scratch.

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    There is probably a wild animal rescue in your area. Look in your phone book or call your vet. These people are licensed, and trained to care for them. If not ask your vet what to feed the small bird and how often....wish I had more to share....good luck

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    Put it down.Momma will come back.

    Put an tag on the bird saying it's options.Or you can let it die.

    Don't do the others.

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