What is the difference between mold and die?

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    a mould is a container of a specific shape into which a molten solid is poured and left to set into the shape of the mould.

    A die is basically a hole through which semi-molten solid is forced under pressure and it will solidify which the cross-sectional shape of the die.

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    A mold shapes things. A die cuts things to a shape. The lost wax mold, for instance, is used by jewelers. A piece of jewelry is carved and shaped with a special kind of wax, the wax is encased in plaster, leaving an opening for the wax to drain out, and the plaster cast is heated to melt the wax. After the wax is melted out, the jeweler pours in silver or gold, breaks away the plaster, and has a perfect casting of the original wax piece. With a die, the cutting edge of the die is pressed or slammed down to cut out a piece that is the shape of the die. You've probably see "die cuts" used in scrapbooking. A common use of a die is in a paper punch. You squeeze the punch on a piece of paper and the circular die cuts a perfect hole in the paper. In industry, dies can be made to cut through sheet metal to produce the same shape over and over. Look at a cookie sheet, for instance. It was probably made with both a die and a mold. The rectangle was cut with a die, then the sides were shaped over a mold.

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    Molds, or mould, are various fungi that cover surfaces in the form of fluffy mycelia and usually produce masses of spores (most commonly asexual spores but sometimes sexual).

    Mold is a growth of these minute fungi forming on vegetable or animal matter, commonly as a downy or furry coating. It is often a sign of decay or dampness. The Molds are not a specific taxonomic or phylogenetic grouping – they can be found in the divisions Zygomycota, Deuteromycota and Ascomycota

    A die is a tool used in the manufacture of parts by the molding, forging, swaging or stamping processes. They are typically manufactured by mold or tool makers. It is also often used with a movable part called a tool, and both are often created by a specialized machinist craftsperson called a "Tool and Die Maker". The term die is also applied to a device for cutting male threads and a part of a device for creating wire.

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    deflagrated is on the right track with molds, "a container of a specific shape into which a molten solid is poured and left to set into the shape of the mould", just also wanted to mention molds can be made from almost anything - sand, metal, wood, ceramic, rubber, silicon - it depends on the material you are molding. a die is SOMETIMES a hole that semi-molten metal is pressed through. it can also be two matching pieces that resemble a mold except sheet metal is placed between the two dies and a press forces them together, "forging, swaging or stamping" the metal into the desired shape

    Source(s): myself, machinist and welder, USAF
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