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hp error code 79.00FE?

What do I do and when do I do it

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    If you have cleared the print queue so there are no outstanding 'faulty'

    files; it's worth knowing that the 79.00 error can also be caused by

    poorly fitting or incompatible memory cards.

    Can you make sure they are firmly mounted?


    This is from HP website

    Turn the printer off.

    Remove all communication cables so that only the power cable is connected.

    Remove the Jetdirect card, if installed.

    Remove any other accessories, such as the envelope feeder.

    Hold down the green "GO" button.

    Turn the printer on.

    When the words "Cold Reset" appear in the display, release the green "GO" button.

    When "Offline" appears in the display, press the green "GO" button. "Ready" should appear in the display.

    NOTE: If the words "Cold Reset" do not appear in the display, hold the "GO" button down until you hear the motors rotate. The words "Restoring Factory Settings" will appear in the display if the "Cold Reset" was performed successfully.

    Turn the printer off once the printer displays the “Ready” message.

    Reinstall each of the above-mentioned components, one at a time, turning the printer on and off again each time a component is installed.

    Continue installing and power-cycling until all accessories are installed and the printer is at a “Ready” state.

    If it is determined that one of the components is responsible for the 79.00FE error, refer to next.

    If the printer will not return to a “Ready” state after removing all of the components and performing the cold reset, try a different power source by moving the printer to a different location and plugging the power cord directly into the wall.

    If the printer continues to display the 79.00FE error, upgrade the firmware. A firmware DIMM can be obtained from the HP Parts Store at . Version 6.36 Firmware DIMM is Part Number C4251-67905; however, part numbers are subject to change without notice.

    If the printer still continues to display the error, contact HP for further assistance.

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    Hp Printer Error Code

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  • 4 years ago

    For the best answers, search on this site

    i have done a google search on this and there are no solutions for this error? the code its self refers to a possible fault with the sensor which is supposed to pick up when you have or have not paper in it maybe you could take all the paper out and try and print some thing it should tell you you have run out of paper? if it doesn't your sensor is gone? if you had it for under a year return it if not im afraid you prob need new one? ............. you can also try removing your cartridges and put them back in? sometimes cartridges throw up all weird codes? atb..

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  • 4 years ago

    Clean out print queue. Also select troubleshoot and HP it will run diagnostic for you. That's how I found out I needed to clean out print queue.

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