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Are U.S. citizens' anti-immigration fears rational?


Thanks, Ignatius. You're absolutely right. Read: "Are U.S. citizens' anti-immigration concerns based on rational thinking, backed up by empirical evidence?"

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I've been interested in questions surrounding this issue. Above are a few links to related questions where my answers reflect a minority opinion.

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Below is another recent question I asked that's also related.;_ylt=Ahv5H...

I've never tried to hyper-consolidate Qs & As like this before. Just thought some of you might be interested in following one person's train of thought re: immigration in order to give a broader context for the question at hand. I hope it doesn't violate the letter or spirit of the Community Guidelines.

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    There are probably all kinds of explanations for fears of all kinds and specically, anti-immigration fears that may be held by U.S. citizens. I am not an American citizen so I will give you my view as a Canadian living in a rich multi cultural society where, by and large, immigrants are recognized as valuable assets to the society in Canada as a whole. I think that I can safely say that Canadians recognize that we are all children of immigrants; our forefathers all emmigrated to Canada.

    I wonder if the same value is placed on immigrants in the U.S.? There is a perception among non Americans that citizens of the U.S. in general lack interest in cultures outside the U.S. In the U.S., all politics are local. One can admire the U.S. as the world's most powerful and democratic country, however the down-side of all politics being local is that there is an inward-turning-ness of Americans toward themselves. I would be interested in seeing curricula of elementary and secondary schools to investigate to what degree their is an emphasis on knowledge of the world in general...the geography of and culture of other peoples. The general impression of non Americans is that there is little interest. Certainly there is an impression that Americans in general know little about the politics and culture of one of their closest neighbours; Canada.

    The point I am attempting to make is that you fear what you do not know. You feel threatened by the unknown. If Americans, through their inward focused media and general education neither are exposed to or interested in learning about jurisdictions beyond the U.S. borders, is there any wonder that there is a fear of those "other than" Americans. And, no, these are not rational fears.

    Source(s): To the responder, "Draciron": you may want to go back and proofread and correct your own use of English before railing against those who use "broken English".
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    Most Americans don't fear imigrants. We welcome those who truely want to be Americans. What is spoiling it for all imigrants are those who come here. Refuse to speak our language. Root against the US in all things and openly hate our country. Who use up our social services all the while complaining about them. Who tie up our emergancy rooms knowing they have to be treated. Many go as far as using an Ambulence to go get treated for a cold or other very minor illness. They do this for free transportation.

    Let me give you an example. Somebody I knew quite well was working as a resident. One of the other residents was a very light skinned Argintinian. A Hispanic lady came into the ER and spoke only Spanish. She refused to acknowledge my friends limited Spanish at all. So the Argintinian who grew up speaking Spanish stepped in. The patient pretended to not understand him either. Finally they brought in a Hispanic nurse who looked very Hispanic. All of a sudden this patient spoke volumes. Including lots of broken English as well as suddenly being able to understand every word the Argintinian resident could say.

    Another example is a relitive of mine worked as a night stocker. The crew was mostly Hispanic. Many of them illegals. My relitive was helping some of them learn English and in general got along fine witht he rest of the crew. Then two American born Hispanics came on to the crew. They literally threatened any Hispanic who spoke a word of English except for them. They made sure the rest of the crew could only comunicate with the supervisor or the other English speaking workers through them. They literally angrily interupted any attempt by a crewmember to learn English. They also targeted one crew member after another until my relitive was the last English speaker left on the crew.

    How often have you gone to a convience store, movie theatre, or any other public place and literally not been able to speak to the clerk there in English. I've actually had to have people translate vietmese, Chinese, Spanish and a few other languages just to make a purchase at a store.

    We are facing hard economic times which makes things more difficult for all. There is quickly becoming no job which American's do not want because any job beats starvation and the old jobs are quickly disapeering as more American's find themselves jobless and without savings or any real help from anybody.

    Last these protests are truely an insult to the nation. These people came here illegally. They have enjoyed freedoms and a standard of living far better than what they have at home. They really want to protest whats going on? If I were them I'd be asking nicely. I think they'd get a whole lot more out of the effort. Trying to ram something down our throats will just make American's angry.

    No I have nothing against Hispanics. Half the bands I've played were at least %25 Hispanic. I work and live around lots of Hispanics, many of which are good friends. I have also had many illegal imigrants as friends back in my younger days when I worked the same kinds of jobs they did. I feel for todays generation who cannot get those kinds of jobs because of whats happened over the last 20 years. Jobs that used to be good paying trades are now religated to illegals. IF an American could get one of those jobs they could not pay the bills on what it paid any more. It is not just Hispanic Illegals either. There are dozens of ethnic groups which pour into this country and soak up such jobs.

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    Fear is never rational. Concern should be rational.

    (As I said before, fear is irrational. And part of the American public is in fear. Immigration is a problem, it's a complex problem and is an important problem. But many of the things we see as arguments against illegal immigrants or pro-illegal immigrants are just false arguments to scare people.

    So, US citizens should be rationally concern about illegal immigrations for many motives. Because immigration as a whole changed / made America, and current immigration, legal or illegal, is changing / making America. Because illegal immigration means low wages for illegal people but also lower wages for citizens. Because there are fellow humans risking their lives to get into the US because of unfair laws that don't give a chance to poor uneducated people that is needed in America to work to do it legally. Because illegal immigration is a sign of unsecure borders and that is a problem for sure. And because of many other motives.

    So, my opinion is that US citizens are scared, what is irrational, for problems that are irrelevant or false and not rationally concerned about the real problems and their possible solutions.)

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    Yes, they're very rational, it's not the real illegals that's trying to changes our laws, the pictures is bigger that, it's the illegals with higher goals than raising a family and paying taxes and building up America for a free and beautiful Country but those whose agenda is to tear down our democracy because of the hatred of all Americans!

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    No they are not we are a nation of immigrants based on our citizen ship ideals.

    Good Luck and God Bless!!

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    there is some cause for concern but not fear

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