What is layout in advertising and what importance it has in print media.?

Generally I know what layout is but often I am confused when often I hear advertising people talking each other ........ its layout is not good ........ the layout of this ad is good ..... Can anyone in advertising please explain about layout clearly. Thank you.

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    The point of ads are to grab the readers attention, and you have to draw the eye to what you want them to see. Most ads have a "Z" formation. This can be using pictures, pictures and text..etc. This allows the viewers eyes to travel across the page the way the designer wants them to, and plaing the main points of the ad where they kow the person will be looking. Other formatiosn you can use are "Y" and "X" That's the basics of it.

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    Layout is simply how the elements of the ad are laid out on the page.

    Layout elements include copy, artwork, color and spacing (there are more categories, but those are the major areas).

    People do read in "Z" formations, but there are others as well. There is the backwards-6 formation, where you keep the reader's eye on the page for as long as possible.

    Some of the major layout problems are:

    Lack of an easily distinguishable message. Often, people will try to be clever, and the reader will not put forth the effort to understand what the ad is about.

    Also, if the ad is too jumbled, or not enough "white space", the reader will not try to figure the ad out.

    The art may not go with the message of the ad - for example, if you're creating an ad for senior citizens, you're not going to use 30-something people in the ad.

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  • Adam S
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    1 decade ago

    Layout is simply how the elements of an advertisement are placed on the page. The words, the pictures, the logos.

    To get this right is a skill - to make the ad look appealing, draw in the eye, but also to balance the amount of information included in the ad to get across your message without making it overfull or messy.

    There are also some psychological factors to good layout - the fact that most people read from left to right and from top to bottom is an important factor that many bad ads forget to include in their layout considerations. If you want someone to find it easy to read your ad, don't place your text in odd places all over the page.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Layout is how the ad is designed, the placement of the text in relation to the artwork (the photos, drawings, etc, anything that is not text)

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