who invented the bouncy ball?

What year the bouncy ball was invented, how did they make or come up with the idea who invented the bouncy ball

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    The Wham-O Super Ball is made of a Zectron, which contains the rubber polymer polybutadiene and sulfur.

    "By combining polybutadiene with sulfur it was discovered by the ball's inventor, Norman Stingley. Like the adhesive behind Post-It Notes, this new rubber compound wasn't an intentional invention, but the material's ability to rebound 90 percent when greatly compressed led Stingley to believe he had a hit toy on his hands. And, of course, he was right."

    from wikipedia:The name "Olmec" means "rubber people" in the Aztec language. the Aztecs and Mayans created a non-vulcanized rubber by extracting natural rubber latex from the Hevea brasiliensis trees in the local forests. They formed the latex into balls, and played the Mesoamerican ballgame with the resulting bouncy balls.

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    Tennis was first created by Eupropean monks, they played it for entertainment during religious ceremonies. At first they hit the ball with their hand, then with a leather glove, and then they got a handle because it was easier to serve and to hit the ball. The tennis racquets gradually became better, and so did the tennis ball. It was first made from wood, then a leather ball - which was bouncier. The game became more popular during the 14th century, even though the church didn't like it. The game became popular in France, especially to the royal family, and between the 16th and 18th centuries tennis was highly regarded by kings and noblemen. The game was called 'Jeu De Paumme' (The game of the palm). French players would begin a game by shouting 'tenez' which meant play. Soon after it was known as royal, or real tennis. Major Walter Wingfield (a British army officer) decided the equipment and rules for the game, they resemble modern tennis. In the same year (1874), the first courts came out in the US. Tennis then spread to different parts of the world. Croquet courts were used as tennis courts, the orginal court (designed by Wingfield) was in the shape of an hour glass - thinner at the net. It was shorter than the courts we now. the game was changed over time, and is different to how we play today. The scoring of tennis is a whole other story - I will give you the short version =] There are two theories about how it was invented: 1. The first is that 60 was considered a 'complete' number (like 100 is today). The slit up the number 60 to get: 15, 30, 45 (now 40), 60 (now game). 2. There was a clock on the court, when a point was won, the hands would move to make it 15, 30, 45 (now 40) and 60 - game. We say the word love, because of the French, that is also a very long story!! Hope this helps =]

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    Germaine Neop - a Yugoslav dentist inadvertently invented the bouncy ball when removing a molar from a circus clown who had been chewing leather as part of a failed act . The build up inside a cavity had formed a rubbery mass and , when removed , bounced around the waiting room to the delight of many children who had been waiting several hours for a hygenist to arrive . Unfortunately it was lost ( assumed stolen by one of the aforementioned children ) and later turned up on the market as the 'power ball ' I'm beginning to think that the guilty child is one of these people mentioned in the other answers !!!!

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    Bouncy-ball: Invented in 1980 by Albin Herzog- sorry don't know why it was invented, but most things invented happened by mistake.

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    Who Invented Balls

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    It is believed that the ball game was played as a part of religious ceremonies around 1,500 B.C. And the modern version of tennis as a palm game in France and then mastered in England in 18 century as a social, club type of activity. Hope this helps ?:):}

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    It was invented in 1965 by a chemist named Norman Stingley and he figured it out by compressing rubber.

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