Why does everyone understimate small countries and think they won't do well in the world cup (Costa Rica)?

I mean come on here is a small country with big soccersuccess in its history, but i still see people saying they are too weak. It just baffles me how they believe Ecuador will do much better just because they play in south america, and that is plain bullshit. Besides it is not like if COsta Rica does not want to play teams like brazil or Argentina to go to the World Cup; They just can't. I tell you Costa Rica will be right there in second round with the biggies...i know what they are capable of.

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    I dont think everybody is. Think back to 2002. France didn´t even score in his group and small countries were performing much better. I don´t there are "small" countries anymore.

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    It's simple. Pool of candidates. The larger the country the better chance you have of having better player options. Small countries like Costa Rica don't have the population size to have many choices. By the way, I watch the last World Cup in Costa Rica. It was really fun.

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    As painful as it may be to admit, Costa Rica (and other smaller countries) do not have the infrastructure, player pool, and (most importantly) the history to go far in the World Cup. Doing well should be measured by quilifying for the WC and getting out of the WC group stage - consistantly. Then start looking for Quarterfinal wins, Semifinal wins, and final appearances.

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    Brazil has about 30 world class players plying their trade in the top leagues of the world. Costa Rica? Where does Paolo Wnachope their most famous player play? Quatar. Depth of talent or dearth of talent are the reasons why small countries are underestimated

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    The level of Football (soccer) played in historically established countries..ie England, allows a larger group of residents to play at a higher level. If there is no country there is no soccer. (when was Costa Rica established?)

    The smaller countries export their best players, you and I both know that, but to your point so does the US. One thing is true, the smaller countries have less to worry about if they lose to "the biggies" yet when was the last time a "smallie" won the "Cup".

    Nice striped kits though.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Winning the world cup takes a lot of fan support to get a team through the early rounds of the tournament, small countries don't always support the players by traveling and attending the big matches.

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    I understand your reasoning..entire countries aren't playing, only 11 of their (outsourced) representatives and theoretically, they can be as strong as anyone. The powerhouse countries though, are bringing their elite, .001% of their professional pool, which is already established enough! Again, its 11 v 11 and anybody can win, but on paper, its difficult to figure how Costa Rica can go all the way.

  • Winning a world cup is not easy. A team needs great players as well as a good team combination. It seems to me that only Brazil and Argentina have teams from the Western Hemisphere which can win the world cup.

  • 1 decade ago

    Actually I rate Costa Rica pretty high, I think they will beat both Ecuador and Poland.

  • 1 decade ago

    Costa Rica, I think they won't beat both Ecuador and Poland

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