Is Georgian Kaspian lake the biggest in the world?! ( it was in my book )?

Is Georgian Kaspian lake the biggest in the world?! ( it was in my book )


sorry I wrote INCORRECT! it`s CASPIAN ... but if you think, that it`s really a sea, it`s not true! it is a large lake, so we call it a sea:)

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    Top fifteen, based on surface area:

    1 Caspian Sea, Azerbaijan-Russia-Kazakhstan-Turkmenistan-Iran 143,000 square miles

    2 Superior, U.S.-Canada 31,820

    3 Victoria, Tanzania-Uganda 26,828

    4 Huron, U.S.-Canada23,010

    5 Michigan, U.S. 22,400

    6 Tanganyika, Tanzania-Congo 12,700

    7 Baikal, Russia 12,162

    8 Great Bear Lake, Canada 12,000

    9 Nyasa, Malawi-Mozambique-Tanzania 11,600

    10 Great Slave Lake, Canada 11,170

    11 Erie, U.S.-Canada 9,930

    12 Winnipeg, Canada 9,094

    13 Ontario, U.S.-Canada 7,520

    14 Balkhash, Kazakhstan 7,115

    15 Ladoga, Russia 7,000

    The Caspian Sea is salty, however.

    The Caspian Sea is also the largest in volume, followed by Lake Baikal.

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    Biggest lake, Caspian Sea. But it's usually considered a sea, not a lake.

    The biggest lake is Lake Baikal in Russia, with a depth of 1100 meters. Then comes lake superior.

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    Lake Baikal Lake Superior

  • Anonymous
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    The biggest freshwater lake is Lake Superior, part of the great lakes on the Canada U.S. border .

    The Caspian sea in Georgia is a salt water lake.

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    If you're talking about the Caspian Sea, well it is not a lake. Don't believe everything you read. Lake Baikal is the largest by volume and depth.

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    Lake Superior is the largest Fresh water lake by area in the world. Second in volume to Lake Baikal.

  • Evi
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    the caspian sea is indeed the largest lake in the world. it is called a sea but since it is surrounded by land it is considered a lake. all books categorize it as the largest lake in the world, check it anywhere you want. you ll see that it is a fact.

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    nope its, It said that Lake Baikal in East Siberia, Russia, was the biggest and deepest fresh water lake in the world with an area of 12000 square miles and a maximum ...

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    in terms of water volume

  • 1 decade ago

    if the book says so... always believe everything you read

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