What the JENKEER Book by Harry King is about?

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JENKEER : A Rare & Dangerous Conversation With Genie (Jankeer) In the World of Genii & Legends Part One

Dr. Harry King

Format ISBN Price

Paperback (6x9) 1425928250 $ 14.99

Dust Jacket Hardcover (6x9) 1425928242 $ 19.99

About the Book


· The Life of Genii & Their Structure.

· Companionship & Marriage Between Human Race and Genii

· The Truth of Magic.

· Solving the Riddle of Bermuda Triangle.

· The Mystery of The UFO’s (Unidentified Flying Objects)

· A Secret Hidden By The Famous Magician David Copperfield

· Solutions to Some Mysterious Puzzles, Which Have Not Been Explained Yet.

About the Author

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There are many unscientific images and explanations on certain global mysteries, which confuse us. For example, the world of genii and demons have been a source of striving analyses and one of the most important puzzles, which confuse our scientists and thinkers. So every mystery has become a hindrance to our minds and blindness to our sights. But the question is: Till when?

In our session, we shall unveil many of the mysterious matters, which puzzle the people. They think wrongly about them. However, they are amid implied and dangerous confessions; within a framework of positive and scientific analysis. As such, they do not indicate any suspicion; whatsoever to the credibility of such information. They are bestowed to me by “Jankeer”, the genie prince, so as to reveal to the whole world the reality of such matters. They are represented by the truth of genii, their world and all other related matters. Likewise, they are the nature of the magic; together with any relative word, deed; the dangerous reality of Bermuda Triangle; with any pertaining issues; the UFO’s (The Flying Saucers) with any relative matters. Also they include certain facts and secrets hidden by the famous magician “David Copperfield”; they embrace also the reality of lots of mysterious matters and riddles; which have not been discovered yet.

United States

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