Which is better AP classes or IB classes?

AP is the National Advanced Placement Program, while IB is an international program (International Baccularete). Which would be deemed as providing a better education program for our nation's youth?


My query is not neccesarily concerned with college admissions per se, but the prospect of personal enrichment and development of "critical thinking" skills requiste for life as well as higher achivement.

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    I'm finishing the IB right now.. its hard, it requires a lot of work and causes a lot of stress... but it really teaches you things that are also beyond just studying,... TOK and CAS really help you develop as a person, knowing that you have to be self disciplined to finish it with good results is something that really helped me in life... you learn to set yourself a goal that you want to achieve... and if you're strong enough, you achieve it..

    anyways, it takes off all you're sleep at one point in the last year, but that's how you learn to appreciate sleep after wards

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    1 decade ago

    In America, there's not a lot of concern about what other people think, which is probably why few public high schools even offer IB classes. Nor will many colleges really consider IB as anything particularly special.

    Internationally, I think it's safe to say the IB takes it, yeah?

    So if you're really only looking at what people think, go ahead and let your kid take the one he wants.

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    5 years ago

    well i mean im in Ib its hard as hell, well nto rlly, just a lot of work. But if ur gonan go thru with it, ur main worry shud be the IB exams. Ummm IB is really good for liberal arts. If u wanna do something math related then i suggest u do ap for it and i rlly dont know wat else to say

  • 1 decade ago

    Definetly IB. I is accepted Internationally, and when you tally that to AP, doesnt compare. Plus the IB curriculum is a bit more enlightened to life lessons.

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  • 1 decade ago

    IB is impressive to colleges, but it's a piece of crap to be in. You do exactly the same thing as honors and AP classes, but with more homework. It's really physically and emotionally draining, and a lot of people just can't deal with all of the stress.

    Source(s): I was in Pre-IB for a year and a half, but dropped out.
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