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Does anyone else ever think about becoming a Republican politician?

I mean they have a sweet deal going... they can do whatever they want and then just blame it on the Democrats, Clinton and the "liberal media" and a large percent of the party buys it... just cut some tax breaks to the upper 10 percent to keep the contributions flowing...

say you're against abortion to keep the "Christian conservatives"... I've been watching Bush... doesn't seem to be that hard... and if he didn't make some of the blatantly stupid mistakes he has, Republicans would probably get back in office again...


coombs1973 ... A perfect example of the "march into the pit of hell, even if you just got done swimming in a pool filled with gasoline" attitude that makes the Republican party so easy to get re-elected into...

I guess Bush give that tax cut to the top 10 percent just to be nice to all the rich Democrats... golly geez he sure is nice...

Update 2:

YahooGuru2u... read what I said above this comment and tell me why Bush is cutting the most taxes for all the "Rich Democrats"?

Oh that's right, because most rich (obviously not all) are Republicans... come on... if you don't know that, you're not smart enough to be a Republican either... but I guess you guys don't really have minimum standards... hahaha

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    Sorry I do not think I could handle the swallowing part

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    Sorry G you lack the brains to be a republican much less a republican politician. Do you really believe that all Democrats are poor? I suppose all of the Democrat movie stars in Hollywood are poor? The Kennedy's are poor? In the last Presidential election the richest candidate was the Democrat! Stop believing everything the idiot box tells you and use your brain. Get off the foodstamps and get a life will ya?

    I still don't know why you want to be a Republican politician when you think like a Democrat politician. Higher taxes is not the answer to every problem!

    Why do you keep bragging that the Democratic party appeals to the poor? When you are willing to create an entire class of people that get to live off of the government rather than go get jobs of course they are going to prefer the party that keeps them on the take.

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    Who says they will not be back in office. Every Democrat voted for the war but one. Now it is all President Bush's fault & the Republicans. "Media" speaks for itself. If the top 10% tax cut people vote Republican, we couldn't elect a dog cather with them & #1 is Bill Gates is a Democrat as is Senator Kennedy who inherited his wealth. I doubt they are looking for volunteer politicans.

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    i think its a great idea. but as of right now i havent yet failed an oil business or shot my right hand man so i dont have much chance

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    I cant I have a conscience and my IQ is too high for their requirements.

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    Um, sure, what was the question?

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    they are RAC**T!!

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