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has anyone here read The Great Gatsby? what are the main issues that F.Scott Fitzgerald endorses?



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    Dude best story ever. I love it. It's about the carelessness of the ultra rich.

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    1. The wastefull life of the rich, Gatsby has all the money in the world, but he still does not get Daisy. The rich destroy everything in their way. ex. the murder of Myrtle meant in a symbolic way also. The excess of money implies the death of the American Dream, so in simple words, they find no reason to work hard for their money.

    2. The obsession of the lower classes with the rich, Nick follows Gatsby everywhere. Fitzgerald is trying the emphasisze the relationship between classes.

    3. The 20's is characterized as an era of moral disintegration,which can be seen through the greed and cynicism in the novel.

    4. Their is also a notable difference between the two types of rich classes. The West Egg residents possess the grace of aritocracy, and live in a desirable and welcoming home, whereas Gatsby in East Egg is newly rich and lives in a wasteful mansion

    5. You should also take into account the weather, geography, (the vally of ashes: death, destruction, hopelessness), the eyes of Doctor T. J. Eckleburg are especially important, they represent God looking down on society and judging its moral decay.

    Good Luck!

    I reviewed this book in my AP Literature class also.

    E-mail me if u have questions, I love talking about this book.

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    Fitzgerald endorses universal healthcare and immediate U.S. participation in global climate control accords. He's for free trade but also supports a national industrial policy. Finally, he wants to see greater investment in basic science research as a way to staunch the erosion of American innovation leadership.

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    Its been 4 years since I read it, but one of the more memorable books I've read. Gatsby is infatuated with Daisy, this woman with whom hes been in love with but never seems to notice him until he shows off his money buy buying a large house, having parties etc. In the end, his obsession with money and the power and importance it has ultimately get him killed.

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    The object of the homework assignment was to read it and interpret yourself. I suggest less time on Yahoo and more time reading the book!

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    The corruption of the American Dream. Everyone is so into materialism in the 20s, and look how sad it gets as everyone gets obsessed.

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    its about the differences between old money and new money...there are many issues so email me for any specific one

    Source(s): I just read that book for my AP Literature class
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    no no no. don't answer this! she is prob trying to avoid reading it for school!

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    how the money and luxery spoil people, and i mean all

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