How do you get rid of pubic hair?

By the way, whatever "technique" you share, it must be one that will not make the hair pointier (cause it hurts a lot after shaving it). Also, are there any ways to get rid of pubic hair without it growing back too fast too thick?


And for those who go to the salons to do it...don't you get embarassed?

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    DONT USE NAIR!! These people are crazy. That stuff is so harsh. You do NOT want to put that stuff in that area!

    As far as being embarassed going to have a wax, it's really not bad at all. You have to keep in mind that the women performing the wax do this all the time. They have "seen it all." And they are totally professional and discreet about it.

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    4 years ago

    If you have fine hair than definitely use a new disposable razor and some shaving soap. This gives a lovely clean smooth finish. If your heair is dark and or corse then dont do this as the result will be rough stubble or dark specles all over the area as the hairs return. For darker hair or corse stuff waxing is best though it does hurt. Never tried laser but have heard good things about it.

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    Waxing or laser are the only ways for the hair to not grow back pointier..............These methods usually last for a while, whereas shaving may only be for a day or two. Check with a spa in your town.

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    I go to a salon and get a sugar wax. It hurts, but the hair grows finer each time. Prettier even. Go for the Brazillian if you don't want hair there at all.

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    From experience let me tell you that the easiest is shaving but it hurts, you get razor bumps or burns, your get 'nicks' and it takes time. Other methods such as waxing are also painful and difficult to do alone. The best way I have found is laser hair removal. It is expensive but after several treatments, its all gone. I personally have not found it painful and am please with the results.

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    wax,use nair thats good it keeps the hair off longer than shaving or wax it stings a little but hey do what you gotta do to get the hair away

  • Anonymous
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    Why do you want to get rid of it? I love pubic hair on women. The more the better.

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    Laser hair removal hurts like hell I hear, but it is almost permanent

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    wax or use the product called nair...

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