Any recipes for a special favorite after dinner drink?

This one is really great & as of right now, my favorite: If making for the 1st time, you might want to try the small shot sizes for each ingredient which include Stoli Vanilla Vodka, Bailey's Irish Cream & Godiva Dark Chocolate Liquer. Using a large Frosted martini glass, start by squirting a few tiny swirls of a Chilled (nice) brand or even better, homemade, chocolate syrup which should easily stick to the glass even after filled. In separate Chilled container or pitcher, combine the three IMPORTANT ingredients (I have found these to be the best brands, especially for this drink), then gently stir & pour in glasses that have been placed in the Freezer for a few minutes while mixing the drinks. Some prefer a little less vodka, but I like equal amounts of each & these look as good as they taste. In case you haven't guessed, best if served very cold, but not frozen. Let mek now what you think. Have a great weekend. CHEERS!

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    My favorite is an ABC. Amaretto, Baileys and coffee with whipped cream. But if I am feeling posh, I have a heated Amaretto up with a coffee back. Yummy!

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    I prefer a little something I like to call the green hornet first you need a Vault energy drink either some Hennessey or some Vodka and a hint of lemon chill for an hour or so shake repeatedly and get Crunk!!!

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    PARSNIPS! This recipe for Parsnip mash is the most divine challenge I actual have ever tasted! factors 75g blanched hazelnuts a million.5kg medium parsnips 700g floury potatoes, alongside with Maris Piper 75g fairly salted butter 3 tbsp walnut oil 100ml vegetable oil, for frying approach gently toast and style of chop the hazelnuts. decrease 3 of the parsnips in 0.5 lengthways, then slice each and each and every 0.5 into 3 wedges. decrease the potatoes and intensely last parsnips into chunky products and position in a huge saucepan with the parsnip wedges on accurate. cover with numerous chilly water. convey to the boil, decrease the warm temperature and simmer gently for 5-6 minutes or until eventually the parsnip wedges have softened fairly. get rid of the wedges with a slotted spoon and prepare dinner the finest vegetables for 10-quarter-hour. Drain and go back to the pan. Mash the vegetables contained in the pan until eventually tender. upload the butter and walnut oil, and stir until eventually thoroughly mixed. Season to flavor. warmth the vegetable oil in a huge frying pan and gently fry the parsnip wedges until eventually golden, turning them usually to evade burning. Drain on kitchen paper. Pile the mash onto serving plates and scatter with the hazelnuts. Use Parsnip wedges to garnish.

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    Vodka and cola

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    10 shots and a hot babe!it's the best

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