Do the Boston Red Sox have a chance of winning the World Series in 2006?

I think that the Red Sox will become the AL Wild Card in 2006 but I do not see the Red Sox winning the World Series in 2006.

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    Technically every team has a chance of winning, the Red Sox have a leginament chance but because the player in a power division i doubt they may even make the playoffs. The AL East is loaded with teams that can easily win any other divison. Back to the Sox, Yes they have some of the best pitching and once they get Foulke on a roll they will be unstopable. But they arent very good fielders. Manny isnt very fast, Crisp is hurt and Nixon has had his moments so they dont have much luck in the outfield. Loretta is a decent 2B and Varitek is great but overrated. Lowell their other infielder is slipping from his Marlin days and isnt a productive of a hitter anymore. The Sox dont have much hitting anymore. Ortiz and Rameriz and well thats it. Ortiz is supposably on steriods not because he just got good but he has been hitting double the homers since his twins days and ever since i checked isnt not that easy to hit over the green monster. Even though they are in first now they play in the hands down best divison and there are over 100 games left, i dont think they will hold up.

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    The Red Sox have a great shot of winning the series, if they make it to postseason. Not many teams could matchup with a healthy Schilling and Beckett, not to mention one of the best young pitchers in the game, Papelbond (sp?). And if Foulke can return to his old self they can move papelbond to the rotation, which gives them one of the best 1 2 3 punches in a 5 or 7 game series. The problem would be making the playoffs, which will be a challenge in their division, where the Yankees are loaded and watch out for the Blue Jays.

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    The Red Sox should be considered the favourite to win. Their pitching has improved and the finally have a closer which they didn't have last year. The starting pitching is better with a healthier Schilling. The defence is stronger than last year and once Coco is back in the lineup, the Sox will run away with the East title.

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    I surely beleive the vast apple Yankees are the crew to conquer for the 2006 international series. With the additions made by the Yankees in the offseason i'm afraid they're to powerful. The White Sox will be in a race with Cleveland and Minnesota. although the most respected branch by far is the yankee League East. search for giant improvements from the Toronto Blue Jays. although my funds continues to be on the Yankees

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    Mets and the White Sox in the Series...

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    It's going to be NY Mets vs Red Sox in The World Series.

    The Mets are going to win.

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    You are quite correct sir. It will be us true sox, the white sox, who shall win once more and foreva.

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    They have a chance, but they'll have to get past the Mets, which didn't go so well for them in 86. Either way, it'll be good though.

  • No...Beckett and Schilling won't win as many games as they seem like they will..

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