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Exactly who is a terrorist, and who is not? Ariel Sharon, Osama bin Laden, Nelson Mandela, Henry Kissinger?

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    Of that list, only Osama is a terrorist.

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    My Terrorist List

    David Duke

    Osama Bin Laden

    Alec Baldwin

    Carrie Underwood

    Gerry Adams

    Sean Penn

    Yassir Arafat

    Larry The Cable Guy

    Bob Barker

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    Ariel and Osama are terrorists as they have "terror" as a factor to try to accomplish a certain goal.Kissinger is NOT a terrorist, he actually won the Nobel Peace Prize for negotiating the cease-fire with North Vietnam. His negotiating skills led to a cease-fire between Israel and Egypt in the 1973 Arab-Israeli War. Mandela.. ooh mandela.. i have to quote wikipedia on this "Although the apartheid regime and nations sympathetic to it considered him to be terrorist, the armed struggle was an integral part of the overall campaign against aparteid".. there ya go

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    the only person who has knowingly and directly targeted civilians is Osama Bin-Laden while that may be argued with Sharon for example in the case of the Sabra and chatila incident it was carried out by Lebanese phalangist forces, thier commander later defected to the side of Syria, so it is possible that it was carried out by a Syrian agent to embarass Israel..also for what happened during the 2nd Intifada he used force agianst terrorists who were in many cases surrounded by civilians, they had done this purposefully so who is a t fault for the deaths of the civilians?

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    They all are terrorists. Anyone who uses violence to accomplish their political goals is a terrorist regardless of their ideology. The guy going by the name Osama who posted above this gave a good and thorough answer. Maybe some of you should try reading it. (Though why he's going around calling himself Osama is beyond me.)

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    One of the things that makes you a terrorist is you have no Office of leadership in an actual country. If you have a country instead of a terrorist you become a war criminal. ps I don't think that any of the ppl listed (except OBL) would qualify as either.

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    Terrorism is hard to define. Some would say that Americans are terrorists, look what we did to Iraqis. A small Iraqi child could say "Damn them Americans, they are terrorists, they blew up my school, village and killed my mother!" Another example is Northern Ireland, they (catholics) felt they were bombing the place to free themselves. Unfortunately change in policy generally occurs after something terrible happens.

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    the difference is deliberately targeting defenceless people (Mandela ordered the bombing of school buses) Osama Bin Laden's record speaks for itself or targeting armed people with the risk of co-lateral damage weighed up in the defence of one's own population

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    Like maximum, if no longer all issues, in certain "Trickle Down" economics, the senile Ronald "Ray-guns-For-Hostages" change into incorrect and began the "monetary terrorism" his celebration has continually perpetrated on our u . s ., exceedingly and maximum presently for the duration of "W"aste Product's 8 awful years in place of work of deregulation and mismanagement of something that wasn't Iraq, going after Saddam Hussein for his Dad, at the same time as Osama bin weighted down, the genuine terrorist responsible for the 9/11/01 assaults on US for the duration of "W"aste Product's "watch" remained at large! some call Reagan a "Republican Hero, yet have not "Republican Hero" and "Fox information" merely about change into as large of oxymorans/contradictions in words as "armed forces Intelligence?"

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    Anyone who uses fear as a tactic to get what they want is a terrorist.

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