why does a anglo person always claim ancestory of cherokee blood when taking with other native americans?

i've encountered this experience several times with people i've meet at school or other places. im always mistaken for latin or hispanic. and when i state that im native american i get an answer of my great great great great grandmother/father was cherokee. and i ask if they can prove it, and they always are not able to. so whats with that.


thanks for all the answers. yeah, we don't all have our family tree in our back pockets. but with native americans you have your clans system. you belong to this clan or family that is either passed through your mother and in some tribes the father. and thanks for the info on gathering.

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    What i think is funny is that a large portion of the people who claim Cherokee, claim that their great grandmother was a Cherokee princess. Okay, if your Cherokee and telling the truth, FINE, BUT there was no such thing as royalty in the indigenous nations back in the day...yes there were chiefs...but the false label of "_____ Princess" actually came from when the beautiful young indigenous females that were shipped to "the old world" and forced to slavery within royal family homes...BUT...anybody who did not hold a royal title was not allowed into these homes, so these poor frightened girls were given the titles of "princess" so they could legally enter these estates to slave away;they were usually discarded after age overcame their ability to slave...so only the stories were returned, never the "princesses"...little off the subject, but i wanted to share that fun fact ;)

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    DUDE, I have family documentation that states that I have ancestors on my father's side were Native American and my Great Grandmother who passed away 8 1/2 years ago (also my 1st best friend EVER) was one fourth Native American and she had the physical characteristics of a Native American (black hair like silky thread, slanted eyes, the skin tone; I ALWAYS thought that she was white; and bent forefingers, you know, the part of the finger with the nail) and her mother who passed away almost 12 years ago had EXACTLY the same characteristics as her, but she was half Native American. So when someone tells you that they're part Cherokee, part Sioux, part Iroquois, or part whatever, then it PROBABLY is true!

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    I don't know. My great grandmother is full blooded Cherokee, and YES I can prove it. She is alive NOW as a matter of of fact. I mean dude, THINK about it. Not everyone walks around with their family tree tucked away in their back pocket. For instance on my fathers side there is some Sioux indian, but I could not tell you exactly where-but my father being very "In" to geneology informed me of this(and showed it to me)....therefore I can "claim" Sioux blood without being 100% sure about exactly where it was.... Plus, if their family settled in America Hundreds and hundreds of years ago (as a good deal of caucasian ancestors DID), there is a pretty good chance that they DO have native american ancestry, and are not just 'claiming' it, as you put it.

    Plus, how the hell do you "prove" it? If someone ever asked me to "Prove" to them anything about my ancestry, I'd knock them in the balls. How would you like it if you were telling someone about your heritage and they said "oh yeah??? PROVE it!"......I think that sounds pompous. If you have your doubts (which would more than likely be based on stereotypes of what an "indian" should look like) to the point you need "proof" of their indian-ness, why not just take it as a compliment? Not all people with NA ancestry LOOK like 'indians'.....

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    I am a Canadian white guy with a First Nations great-grandmother which in some circles makes me Metis (pronounced may-TEE). I do not know what tribe she was from bur speculation is either Cree or Ojibway.

    Even when I lived in the States I never heard people claim Cherokee. I heard Sioux more than anything else.

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    Mexicans are native americans, that is why you are always confused for latin or hispanic because there are.

    And when the spanish invasion happened (anglos) they mass murdered the aztecs and incas (which are modern day mexians, hispanics, latinos) which have been mixed with the native american blood line.

    It even goes further into south america where they are mixed with everything and have a native american ancestry.

    Native americans goes as far from canada all the way to the bottom of south america, (native americans are not of a pure ancestry anymore).

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    Cherokee is the most common Native American bloodline. Many people of Native American ancestry cannot find their paperwork to prove that they are Native Americans. I have been told that in the old days people were ashamed of a nonwhite bloodline and most with American Indian blood covered it up. Even people who took care of vital statistics "covered" for for some families so they wouldn't be stigmatized. Sad.

    My husband has been searching for years for the records that prove his native ancestry. So far nothing has shown up except hints and old photos, and that is not enough to officially prove your ancestry. He has some coloring and features, and my kids have features, but that is not usable as evidence. We hope that someday we can afford DNA testing on his blood.

    Source(s): years of questioning and searching
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    Because they feel bad for being white, but also because they probably are, most people have some Native American in their ancestry if their family was here long enough. Apparently even I do, but it’s a way of relating and also I think a lot of people respect your people.

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    Its cause they think that they have no culture. why the cheokees in particular? becuase of the land grab in OK. newspapers put out ads saying "is your last name, so and so, cause if it is, you may have free land in OK". What they did not know was that alot of cherokee families (mine included) had adopted white names and the confusion started there, so Smith for example, is not a Cherokee name, but there may be cherokee fdamilies with that name, get it? OK.

    Source(s): being tsalaghi indian
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    "i have realized decrease back in extreme college that once the slaves were first presented to us of a of america it become problem-loose for close by American adult adult males and women to have sexual romances between the slaves. also because they both might want to narrate being dealt with like dirt by the light faces." You realized that? Did your highschool inventory undesirable romance novels extremely of heritage textbooks? light faces? LOL! For the list i'm suspect of each person'S declare of declare of close by ancestry, even as its the finished-large Grandparent. Its even more desirable suspect even as its Cherokee or Blackfoot.

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    well, i found out that a long long time a go my family moved from ireland/scotland to america and mixed with the cajuns ( thats suppose to be like native americans and pirates i think in southern louisiana.) but its been so long because they migrated from louisiana to Texas and been here ever since...

    so i'm part pirate i think...wait...what was the quetion?

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