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I am trying to find the name baby in several different languages to play a guessing game at a baby shower..?

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    1 decade ago
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    Nederlands (Dutch)

    baby, zuigeling, vertroetelen, schatje, liefje, kind, dierbaar, geliefde

    Français (French)

    bébé, nourrisson, poupon, chéri, chérie, chouchouter, couver, choyer, dorloter, cajoler

    Deutsch (German)

    n. - Baby, Säugling, Schätzchen

    adj. - einem Baby gehörig, kindlich, Baby..., kindisch

    v. - verhätscheln, wie ein kleines Kind behandeln

    Ελληνική (Greek)

    n. βρέφος, μωρό, κοπέλα, στερνοπαίδι v. φέρομαι σε (κάποιον) σαν να είναι μωρό, κανακεύω

    Italiano (Italian)

    coccolare, bambino, tesoro

    Português (Portuguese)

    n. - bebê (m), caçula (m) (f)

    v. - mimar

    Русский (Russian)

    баловать, ребенок, малыш, подружка

    Español (Spanish)

    n. - bebé, criatura, cría, crío, lactante, niño de pañales, niño de pecho, angelito, monada

    adj. - de niño, para niño

    v. tr. - mimar, arrullar, alimentar, dar pecho

    Svenska (Swedish)

    n. - spädbarn, baby, unge, barnunge, sötnos

    v. - behandla ömt

    中国话 (Simplified Chinese)

    n. - 婴孩

    adj. - 婴儿的, 小型的, 幼小的

    v. tr. - 把...当婴儿般对待, 娇纵

    中國話 (Traditional Chinese)

    n. - 嬰孩

    adj. - 嬰兒的, 小型的, 幼小的

    v. tr. - 把...當嬰兒般對待, 嬌縱

    日本語 (Japanese)

    n. - 赤ん坊, 末っ子, 最年少者, 恋人, 女の子, 赤ん坊のような人

    v. - 赤ん坊のように扱う

    العربيه (Arabic)

    ‏(الاسم) طفل رضيع (فعل) يربي طفلا, يدلل, يدلع‏

    עברית (Hebrew)‬

    n. - ‮תינוק, זעיר, מותק, בחורה, גור, הצעיר בחבורה, אדם ילדותי, תחום אחריות, עבודה או דאגה של אדם‬

    adj. - ‮זעיר, מותק, לשון-פניה ביחסי-קרבה‬

    v. tr. -

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    One game that is always a hit in our family (we are also "different") is Diaper Doo-ty. We melt different types of candy bars into a diaper and the guests must guess what the are. We usually have about 8 candy bars including..Hershey's, Reese's, M&M's, Crunch, Snickers, Milky Way, 3 Musketeers....whatever else you can find. Just melt 1/4 or 1/2 of the bar in the microwave (not too long or it will burn!) and smear it inside of a diaper.....it's fun! There will be people smelling, touching, and even tasting the poo! Another game we do that usually doesn't go over the best with the dads.....tasting and guessing baby food. I have found though, that you should buy the more expensive baby food, the cheaper ones aren't near as easy to guess. This causes a lot of controversy! As far as prizes, we have always given out prizes for the baby. So, the winners get an item to give to the baby when he is born. Otherwise, candy is always a good prize! Good luck and have fun!

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    This Site Might Help You.


    I am trying to find the name baby in several different languages to play a guessing game at a baby shower..?

    Source(s): find baby languages play guessing game baby shower: https://biturl.im/0exuJ
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    5 years ago

    I remember this game they played at the last baby shower I went to. It was kind of gross, but cool. You take a couple of clean diapers and put a different kind of mostly melted chocolate in each one. Number the diapers 1-4 or whatever. You give everyone a full set of the diapers and they have to eat the chocolate...which totally looks like poop. Lol. You start with #1 and work your way up. Whoever is the 1st person to guess each number gets a prize. And then there could be another prize for the person who guessed the most right. Use different chocolates like plain, nut, carmel etc. Have fun!

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    I am also throwing a babyshower for my sister in a couple weeks. I think she is playing that game also, though im not sure if she's using the different languages. I would google "name translations" or go to www.behindthename.com...im not sure what exactly ur looking for, but its not like they have a particular translation for a given name...for instance im ELaina...and in spanish my name is pronounced Elena and spelled the same way...most languages r similiar to that. good luck.

  • Rosy
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    1 decade ago

    Here's a link where you can get tons of baby names from different origens & their meanings to. Have lots of fun! ;o)


  • 1 decade ago

    Romanian: "sugar" (sounds like soogur) for children younger than 1. "Copil" - general term. "Plod" - slang.

  • 1 decade ago

    bayi, orok (indonesian)

  • 1 decade ago

    it's "sanggol" or "anak" in filipino/tagalog.

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