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jobs jobs jobs?

its getting hard to get a job ive ben applying to jobs online and off and they havent been calling me back what am i doing wrong and how do i finally get one.


im only 16 and hd no work expierence

Update 2:

live in chicago

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    Here's the deal. First off, on average for every 10 applications you fill out, expect about one call back (call back, not a job guarantee). Also double check your resume. Make sure all your contact information is correct. Make sure it is free of spelling errors etc. And on average, for every 10,000 you make expect to look about a month for each. The biggest thing is networking, let everyone you come in contact with know that you are looking for a job. That's how a lot of people get jobs, is through word of mouth. And companies are more likely to hire someone if they are recommended by an employee. Also check constantly for jobs. Don't look for them about once a month.

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    Getting a job is first about getting your resume on the desk of the right person and getting them to notice it. It first starts with a good resume that meets the requirements of the job in question. The key is getting that resume noticed. To do this, you need to pull all the strings and call in all of the favors you can. Start talking about your job prospects with anyone you know in a related field. Email college friends, chat with your parents friends, meet people on MySpace who work in positions you would like to have. You can never do enough networking. If you identify a position posted online that is interesting to you, try to find someone you know or someone who knows someone at that company and get your resume submitted online. In general, applying for jobs online sometimes works, but networking is a better approach. Remember too that finding a job is a long process. I can take 6 months or more sometimes depending on you location and salary constraints.

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    Since you are only 16 I will explain it like this.....even in the cyber world REAL employers want you to show up to an interview to show your determination. Online Job forums or sites are a MAJOR SCAM looking for information only to use and abuse you and your info, and possibly make you pay for access that you may as well pay a dating site to find a spouse with a good job. The only good job online is one that is LISTED WITH AN ACTUAL ADDRESS AND OR PHONE NUMBER. Everything else is a pile of trash collection wasting your valuable time when you could be watching Sponge Bob in your unemployed time and mulling about what place you want to show up at or call.

    And since you are only 16, don't expect much at first and don't let people blow smoke up your butt and tell you they are going to take you to the top. It's just a ploy to fuel you to work harder and not quit if you find a better job somewhere.

    OH, and NEVER PAY FOR AN INTERVIEW, OR PAY TO PUT IN AN APPLICATION OR RELOCATION FEE OR WHATEVER.....THINK ABOUT IT, WHOEVER ASKS YOU TO DO THAT JUST HAS A JOB EXPLOITING YOUR ALREADY UNEMPLOYED SUFFERING, and doesn't care if you die just as long as they have your money to feed their children to grow up to be big and strong to beat up your children, and take your house when it forecloses, Okay....I'll stop now!

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    Change your resume

    Private site for jobs anyone can apply.

    Go to Then hit provident living look up jobs and apply to the ones in your state listed

    It will also go and how to teach you skills to update your Resume and how to get that job.

    I have got great ones over the years on this site.

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    You must be applying for something your not qualified to do,

    or you live in a bad economy

    I suggest you either take a crummy job and work your way up or move somewhere there is plenty of jobs

    Florida is great, you can mak 60k waiting tables when times are bad

    that's what I do

    good luck

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    Even through the advent of the Internet, most good jobs come through relationships. Call people you know and spread the word. Inquire through your church or social circles. If you're just entering the career world, don't make the mistake of overshooting. It's easier to get the good job when you're working or get promoted from within.

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    try and if your on any of these sites make sure you edit your resume every week or 2, alot of companies only search active resumes that have been modified within the last couple of weeks, so even if you just change the words around a little your resume will keep popping up...also you could try going to a temp agency like Noll or Celebrity.

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    update your resume be a little creative, get your resume out there go to sites and click on careers.. best adice go to all the job sites yahoo jobs your goverment pages there always needing peole with skills

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    have you tried to contact them to show you are interested in the job?

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    call them..usually they like it when u call them shows u are interested in that job

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