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My HS coach died months ago and now they want to build a track to honor him. I volunteered to write the petition to get elected officials to help by donating money. How do I write the petition and what must be included? Thanks.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I have done this before,you need allot of support,a lot of business helping out,and a lot of room.I would put some thing up on a bulletin board and then in the gym,on some fields,around town ,and if your town or city has a like a HS football field put it their.And make sure it isn't all fancy just make it so that it looked like your coach's choice.If he had favorite colors put those colors on the petition,it helps for support.Make sure in the petition that you put the cause,how many singnaures you need and many lines.At the end put some thing like Let Him Play at Peace,or something like that.

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    1 decade ago

    A petition? Hmmmm. I don't think you'll want to donate money based on a petition. You'll want to donate money based on a foundation being established. Set up a "foundation". Then go to businesses. Politicians don't have money....they have taxpayer's money to spend. You should also ask politicians to "dedicate funding toward your foundation".

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