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Is it possible to pull your hamstring if you hyperextend your knee?

At wrestling practice yesterday my partner and I were wrestling. We are about equal in strength although he has 25 pounds over me. As I tried pushing back at the start of the match, he pushed back as well. When I then tried to push back after that, I locked my knee (mistake on my part) and when he pushed me back the force exerted by him forced my knee to nearly go backwards. If it would have gone an inch more there is no doubt I would have needed surgery to repair a torn ACL. My brother doesn't believe me that I pulled my hamstring along with nearly hyperextending my knee. I just would like someone to explain to him how it is possible, and more than likely, that hamstrings CAN be pulled after hyperextending your knee.

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    of course you can, how much more can you do to it until your leg rips off? Your brother is an idiot.

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