Is it okay to take sleeping pills during early pregnancy?

Im dealing with problems finishing school, an "obsessed" ex-boyfriend, finding work and LIFE.

On top of it all I might be pregnant, i dont want to have an abortion because of my personal beliefs and i cant deal with adoption because i already love this child but we're not capable of taking care of it or raising it to be healthy and happy. I have so much going on with my life and many other problems i dont even have time to start fixing. I dont know what to do.

But right now i just want to rest for the day but i cant sleep. When i used to have sleeping problems before i'd take a sleeping pill but right now, eventhough i dont know what im going to do with this pregnancy, i dont want to harm myself or this growing fetus inside of me (i hate using that word, it makes it seem like its less of a human)......


is it safe taking the sleeping pill?

P.S: im only a few weeks pregnant, less than a month (maybe thats good info?)

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    In a word... NO. Absolutely not. Unfortunately you are not living for yourself right now, you are living for the sake of your baby. Fetal development is a fragile thing. The wrong drug at the wrong time can adversly affect growth and development. Even the lack of the right nutrients can cause major birth defects. Lack of folic acid can cause spinal bifidia... Malnutrition can cause AV malformation (think of osteoporosis of the veins and arteries and living to the ripe old age of 40 the best they can expect.)

    Please, do yourself a favor and get some prenatal counseling... for you and the infant. It isn't fair to a child to try to raise it when "we're not capable of taking care of it or raising it to be healthy and happy". You need a whole lot more help than you can get here and the resources are out there. Try your church or local catholic charity, try pregnancy clinics, try your school health clinic, even most hospitals have outreach programs. But please get some outside assistance to help you through this. For your sake and the child's.

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    No, no, no, absolutely not. It is VERY important for you to see a doctor ASAP! This level of stress that you are experiencing can cause the lack of sleep, and can also effect your baby. The first trimester is when the body is growing, and the organs, heart, and brain are forming. Until you see a physician who can decide what to do for your sleep problems, it is best not to take anything.

    One of the previous entries mentioned folic acid. It is very important for you to get prenatal vitamins and eat a healthy diet (stay away from alcohol and cigarette smoke). Also, if you can't get to a doctor right away, here are a few hints for battling a sleep disturbance:

    Eat dinner before 6pm and no food 2 hours before sleep

    No caffiene after 4pm (or 6 hours before bed)

    Turn off all stimuli that is in the room (tv, radio, etc)

    Don't watch tv right before sleep

    Exercise regularly (like walking a mile or more a day)

    These things can help a little, until you can see a doctor. Congratulations on your pregnancy, and I wish you the best of luck.

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    I wouldn't. There may be some sleeping pills that are considered safe for pregnant women, but how would you feel if tomorrow, they discovered it causes previously unsuspected problems?

    There are safe, non-drug ways to help you sleep. Warm milk is a pretty simple one.

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    Don't take anything. Go to a doctor and maybe he can give you something.

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    My OB prescribed me a low dose of Ambien. BUT GET A PRESCRIPTION! Check with your doc.

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    Not a good idea to take anything unless you talk to your doctor.

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    Dont take anything...could hurt the baby, especially in the first trimester...definitely consult a dr first...

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    definetly not...if you're pregnant, you can harm the need to get tested ASAP

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