Does anybody know where Timaru is?

And does anybody care?

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    Yes and no

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    Timaru is a major port city in south Canterbury, New Zealand, located 160 kilometres south of Christchurch and about 200 kilometres north of Dunedin on the eastern Pacific coast of the South Island. The territorial authority district of about 30,000 people in and around the former Timaru City includes a prosperous agricultural hinterland with links to smaller rural communities such as Pleasant Point, Temuka, and Geraldine. The town of Waimate is about 40 kilometres to the south on the road to Oamaru and Dunedin.

    Caroline Bay beach is a popular recreational area located close to Timaru's city centre, just to the north of the substantial port facilities. Beyond Caroline Bay, the industrial suburb of Washdyke is at a major junction with State Highway 8, the main route into the Mackenzie Country. This provides a road link to Fairlie, Lake Tekapo, Mount Cook and Queenstown.

    Timaru has been constructed on rolling hills created from the lava flows of the extinct Mt Horrible volcano, which last erupted many thousands of years ago. The result is that most of the main streets are undulating, a clear contrast with the flat landscape of the Canterbury Plain to the north. This volcanic rock is used for the construction of local "bluestone" buildings

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    E central South Island, New Zealand, on the Pacific Ocean. It is the main port for the S Canterbury Plains. Frozen meats and other products are exported from the man-made harbor. There are light industries in the city.

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    South Canterbury, New Zealand. I'm guessing that a few residents of Timaru may care.

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    no and no.

  • 1 decade ago

    no.. do we have to?

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