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What do you love about hockey?

How important is it in your life?

Any good story?


Thank you for sharing!:)


You're welcome,Mac!:):)

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    What a lovely (and very timely) question, Moon! Ta very much! :)

    I have loved hockey since the age of four when I was first exposed to it, watching my beloved Buffalo Sabres (currently hammering the hated Philadelphia Flyers in the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs -- WOOHOO!). I was never able to skate worth a damn so I'm afraid my "career" began and ended with youthful street hockey games. But man, what great memories...

    Hockey has always been important to me in my life, from those cold winter nights playing street hockey with my two older brothers and a whole host of neighbourhood pals under the street lights or on a bright Saturday afternoon. I'm smiling just remembering some of my youthful heroics, like the night we were short of players and I was designated as our team's defenseman/goalie (minus any goaltending equipment, of course) and I stopped the biggest kid on the opposing team (he was twice my size and the same age as my eldest brother) on not one but two clean breakaways. Both times I just focused like a laser on the orange street hockey ball (pucks only work on ice) and stole it away from him before he could get off a shot. The cheers of my brothers and friends were awesome but I especially liked when the big fella hoisted me up on his shoulders after the game and called me the first star (hockey awards three stars after a game and 1st star is best).

    I also vividly recall EVERY Sabres game I went to see in person, whether in the grand old Aud (Memorial Auditorium) or the spanking new HSBC Arena. My Uncle Norm had season tickets and always took me to a game for my birthday. I'll never forget the night my all-time favourite player -- and THE original Buffalo Sabre -- Gilbert Perreault scored a hat trick (that's 3 goals, just like in soccer) and had a couple of assists as well. I swear he did it just for me! (I was only 10 years old, of course, so what did I know? lol) My most recent game was only a month ago, here in Washington, when a bunch of us went to see our visiting Sabres thump the local Caps. Joined by a whole host of transplanted Buffalonians and Sabres boosters who travel with the team, we made more noise than the locals in THEIR OWN building. Great fun! My last game attended in Buffalo was a couple of years ago when my younger brother and I made a trip home to catch both a Sabres game (we won!) and Bills game (we lost.) while otherwise catching up with extended family and old friends. Nice! :)

    I love football (NFL mainly, but world football too, especially in World Cup years like this one), Formula 1 auto racing, even golf and tennis -- and the occasional baseball game, just to annoy Patz -- but hockey has always been MY sport, my first love and the source of many happy memories of my bygone youth...

    Thank you again for asking such a lovely and, for me, personally significant question. Cheers, Moon! :)

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    I love the combination of speed, finesse, teamwork, and physicality in the game. I prefer low-scoring sports, as it just becomes more exiciting because points are harder to come by. That's why I don't usually follow basketball. I prefer fast, flowing sports, so I don't follow soccer at all.

    I'm a HUGE Pens fan and can't wait to see a powerplay unit of Malkin-Crosby-Kessel and Gonchar-Whitney (assuming we draft Kessel if St. Louis takes Johnson). How scary is that, especially in two or three years?

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    Growing up playing road hockey until dark on the street in front of my house.

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    Besides scoring a goal in soccer ....I loved the feel of the cold breeze on my face flying down the rink...defender hot on your tail as you deek out the goalie on a breakaway...finishing just inside the post....loved it...was never a big kid, so speed was always my thing...

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    I am 65 years old and can still play it, I teach it to 6 to 13 year olds and Special Olympics roller skaters.

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    I remember going to the games as a kid and watching the players get into huge fights. Now, they're not allowed to beat the living **** out of each other. Somebody complained that children shouldn't see such things.

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    The fights are awsome and if you have front row seats, hockey players smash into the wall.

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    I love the action. The best and fastest athletes are in the NHL and I love it!

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    because i am a hockey player

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    Lack of minorities

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