Do sappy love songs work?(Women answer)?

Like Love songs would they work to entice a girls feelings?

persay I say

I'll be there to combfort you, fill my world of dreams around you, I'm so glad I found you, I'll be your strentgh, I'll keep holdin' on, I'll be there to protect you with an unselfish love that is very true.

if you song such to a girl, or wrote your own song for her would this make her feel loved at all?

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    yea love songs work for me all the time because i have guy problems. they always hurt me, never call me or act like a complete morone and it makes me feel so much better when i hear the song "she will be loved" even "my heart will go on" it calms me down and makes me cry which all in all makes me feel better. so good luck and keep on listening, it's very relaxing and helpful and hopefully so was I !!!!!! nikki

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  • YES! Remember women are emotions. Remember also if your not real about your feelings she will know and sappy love songs won't help you.

  • 1 decade ago

    yes ,sappy love songs make the heart see the man as the most loving man of their dreams, but is the love real. can you really live up to the song. if she is a very intelligent person ,and i hope she will say it was sweet and know that life is not always sweet as the song.

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    I think that's very sweet and would make me feel loved. But honestly, I'm not the sappy long song type. I prefer something that'll make me laugh than something that'll make me cry. And I get very self-conscious when people sing to me. I mean, I refuse to have people sing to me on my birthday! But I think it's very sweet and most girls would like that. But if the girl you like is more like myself, send this to her as a poem. That'll hold more merit.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Sappy songs work on sappy girls. However, if you wrote it yourself, it'll work on any girl who loves you.

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    After a while they start to make sense MQ:I don't wanna miss a thing-aerosmith edit: ZOSO not only are you a reg, but you've quickly become one of my favorite contacts (and I have 53 so that's a big compliment)

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    Romance works. Love songs, poetry---personal expressions of your feelings. Although singing a song or giving a woman flowers doesn't "make her feel loved" in and of's all part of being thoughtful and "wooing" your lady love. Romance is as real as you make it. Good luck.

  • That shows you are a caring, sweet guy. Yes love songs work!<3

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    If you just broke up hell no some people that do that really annoy me that just go with the music you feel like if you gf wife like that kind of music you should play it you should make up your own mind not Women on the internet :/

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    Yes I do , it work for all those type of girl who are romantic and good girls, for the stupid type of girls I don’t think they will understand mans heart ever of the effort he put in writing those words to her..

    Generally I would say it work when you have sense in your words, and remember that words from the heart can move mountains.

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