What are the domestic and industrial uses of Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate (NaHCO3)?

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    sodium bicarbonate is a neutral, non-corrosive, non-irritant, non-toxic and easy-to-handle product, which can be applied in a wide range of operating conditions. Storage and transport is not subject to legal regulations.

    It is found both in the chemicals industry and in domestic applications, including food processing, paper sizing, fire extinguisher powders.

    4 basic grades are available, depending on the manufacturing process and the severity of the controls:

    Thanks to its characteristics, sodium bicarbonate may have many functions as :

    * buffer solution

    * acids neutralisation (sodium bicarbonate used as a base component)

    * carbon dioxide emission

    * coating agent for other products particles

    * abrasive powder

    * whitening agent

    BICAR® TEC, available in different grades, is therefore considered as an essential raw material in numerous industrial and manufacturing activities.

    Livestock producers have to adjust their animals’feeds constantly to changing climatic and biological conditions. Carefully balanced feeding is essential to profitability and the quality of the end product.

    Sodium bicarbonate is a natural buffer and a polyvalent and stable product.

    BICAR® Z provides a valuable nontoxic source of unchlorinated sodium, and is incorporated into a wide range of commercial animal feeds

    * to balance their diets

    * to compensate organism deviations

    * to meet specific biological and rearing needs

    Suitable for :

    * cattle

    * sheep

    * goats

    * rabbits

    * turkey

    * broilers

    * laying hens

    * pigs

    Solvay Sodium Bicarbonate BICAR® FCC conforms to the FOOD CHEMICALS CODEX5th edition and is therefore suitable for a wide range of human food applications.

    Sodium bicarbonate is mainly use for:

    - its leavening characteristics (baking soda)

    - the formulation of effervescent drinks

    For example, BICAR® FCC is present in many kinds of biscuits, cakes and sweets. Some sparkling beverages do also contain it.

    BICAR® FCC is available in different grades to respond to particular customer’s requests.

    Also in many pharmaceutical and paramedical industries the sodium bicarbonate is employed. BICAR® CODEX is a particular quality especially destined to highly exigent applications as haemodialysis.

    BICAR® CODEX is conform to:

    - the EUROPEA PHARMACOPOEIA 5th edition

    - the FOOD CHEMICALS CODEX 5th edition

    - USP 29 edition, hemodialysis application included

    BICAR® CODEX is available in different grades to respond to precise customer’s requests.

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    The major use of sodium bicarbonate is in foods, e.g., baked goods.

    It is used in effervescent “salts” and is sometimes used medically to correct excess stomach acidity.

    It is also used in several kinds of fire extinguishers. Although it is an intermediate product in the Solvay process for making sodium carbonate, it is more economical to prepare it from purified sodium carbonate than to purify the intermediate.

    Because the bicarbonate is less soluble than the carbonate, carbon dioxide gas is bubbled into a saturated solution of pure carbonate, and the bicarbonate precipitates out to be collected and dried.

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    Nahco3 Uses

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    as baking soda....additive in foods and used in fire extinguishers.its obtd as a by product of solvay process i think...then its filtered or smthin to get sodium carbonate(Na2CO3)

    Source(s): grade 10, CBSE syllabus
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    you have to break it up into ions, and find which new compound will not be soluble in water. and then balance. phenol red is just an indicator, it doesn't affect the reaction at all. so... Na+ + HCO3- + Ca2+ + 2Cl- --> Na+ + Cl- + Ca(HCO3)2 now you just have to balance it if they want net ionic, remove the things that are unchanged by the reaction.

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