What is an easy home craft for a teen?

I have been so bored at home just sitting on the couch. Any ideas?

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    COLLAGE! This is fun and you can use it on a lot of surfaces. Use colored tissue paper, a package of 24 sheets multi-colors goes a long way. (for under $5 at Art Supply store) Use 1/2 water and 1/2 Elmer's Glue mixture. First use white primer paint (or Gesso) to make surface light and one color, so your new colors show up. Be sure it is dry before you start. If none around house, can get a can at Walmart under $l0. Lasts all summer.

    Can also use canvas surfaces and do art work. After the tissue dries, you can draw in ink on top.

    The most fun is doing old pieces of furniture, little tables, old chairs, book case etc.

    You first put a coat of glue mixture on the surface with a 1" or so brush. Then krinkle the tissue paper and then sorta straighten it out, but leave crinkles to show, place it on the surface and cover with more glue mix.

    Then tear more pieces, usually no larger than a fist...and over-lay and go at random using whatever colors you like. The dark ones will bleed into the lighter ones and overall you get an interesting one of a kind piece.

    You can do waste baskets, boxes, picture frames wrapped with tissue etc. Let dry and if satisfied, put another coat of glue over it for a finish that shines.

    If you don't like it, you can glue over it. You can glue pictures onto this also, but the paper isn't as absorbent, so you may have to soak it to get it to be pliable. You can place a very light colored piece of tissue over the picture to make sure it is staying. The glue dries clear.

    You can do book covers, as long as you own the book. A toy box for little brother or sister would be fun and easy with a strong cardboard box....Or gift boxes for friends and family. One lady did her ceiling! Have fun.

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    I found that knitting is very easy. Look for a kit from Target that can teach you how to knit and give you the items you need to start. Cross-stitch is a good way to kill time too. It's a little more tedious than knitting, but the results are great.

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    Try cross-stitch, it's loads of fun and very relaxing. Quilting is cool, too. You don't even need a lot of room if you use a lap-frame and do small projects.

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  • 4 years ago

    paper craft, make paper beads for your necklace and curtain for your own room, make some book mark from gift wrap, and paint old t shirt with crayon for fabric, Good luck

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    Knitting and crocheting have become really popular and are both relativly easy. I always liked rug hooking.try those

  • 1 decade ago

    buy really cheap plain picture frames and then decorate them with sequence, you can spray paint them, glitter. The options are endless

  • 1 decade ago

    glueing different color paper to recycleables and useing the for a makeup brush holder or pencils or flowers or paint brushes or markers

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    Change the oil in your parents' car.

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    hook- rugging thats so fun!

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