What is the best treatment of phimosis and sensitive glans in an adult male?

I am suffering from phimosis right from the time I remember, I have heard that topical steroid use and circumsion are options for treatment. I also learnt that regular stretching back the foreskin can also help. I want to know what worked for somebody and what did not? Also my glans is highly sensitive, is this related to phimosis (cause it is never fully exposed) and will it get treated with phimosis treatment, I mean will sensitivity go with due course of time once glans is regularly exposed (right now I cant even touch it without getting the jitters up my spine). I can pull back the foreskin behind the glans head when the penis is semi-erect (with some effort) but never when it is fully erect. I am a 26 year old adult male and very concerned about this condition.

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    I don't know why there is such an (American) obsession with circumcision as a cure all for foreskin related problems.

    I personally have a condition which can be described as phimosis. As a child I got instructions from the school doctor how to stretch. My mom explained me what to do and made sure I did my 'excercises' on a regular basis. Nothing special. Just pulling back the skin as far as it would go on a regular basis and after showering when the skin is more flexible.

    No panic, just a little inconvience that was solved over time. I ended up with a foreskin that did not totally cover the glans. I have never seen this as a problem. My few girlfriends and my wife have never commented on it.

    Now I am 42 I notice that my foreskin begins to tighten again. I did some searches on the Internet and found many foreskin restoration websites that led me to using the low impact o-ring method. Despitre te fact that this method is used in order to get a foreskin back after circumcision, it helps me to stretch the foreskin with succes. Slowly and comfortably and cheap. O-rings are small rubber rings that you buy in hardware shops for just a few dollars (assortment ;-) )

    My son has the same condition. I remind him to pull back every so often, like my mom used to do.

    I am from the Netherlands where we don't panic so easily over these small hickups of nature.

    Just try it this way first. There are circumstances that circumcision is the only satisfying method in the end. Pain and infections can be a sign that an operation is justified.

    A sensitive glans is what circumsized men miss and is also given as one of the most rewarding experiences of 'restored' men. This is normal. Your glans has not the normal exposure that a male without phimosis has. Therefore it is more sensitive as it is hidden in it's moist protective environment. As soon as you are able to have your glans peeping out more often you will get used to the feeling and also the sensitivity will be less.

    Regards Barra

    I can be contacted to mail outside this list if you want or need extra information.

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    Circumcision is the ultimate treatment for phimosis. However if you would like to preserve your foreskin and keep the sensation you can have a dorsal split. The surgeon will just split longitudinally the top of your foreskin and this will release the tightness and make your

    foreskin easily retractable. This is a simple operation and would have less postoperative pain and you would have a faster recovery. Before you subject yourself to the knife,

    you could do some foreskin retracting exercises daily by just pulling your foreskin back gently and expose your glans penis.As you get used to this your glans would be less sensitive to touch, because the skin will thicken a bit. If you develop irritation because of this you can use a topical steroid (Hydrocortisone 1%. available over the counter) only for a short while. If all these fails, you then have no other choice but the have yourself circumcised.

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    Treatment For Phimosis

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    Yeah of course he is. Doctors that are working right now are older and have very little knowledge about how to handle foreskin problems as they don't have one themselves (most likely) and they don't realise how wonderful it is to have it plus they make tons of money by cutting it off. It might cover it, but it might not cover it all the way. So you will have to talk with your insurance company on that one. However I reccomend you try steroid creams and stretching excercises for a couple months FIRST as those work in 99% of all cases. But most doctors these days push for surgery as they make tons of money off of it. My friend is uncircumcised and had the same issue, he had to see 5 doctors before finding one that would take the time to help him without suggesting circumcision as his only option. They all told him it would never be healed any other way, but by the last doctor he say it was healed with steroid creams and stretching in 5 months and he was fine, glad he never bought into the doctors crap. -Connor

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    or here http://www.glansie.com/index.htm

    They actually made a device for curing phimosis now.

    How bad is yours?. is it a good kind of jitters?. You sound like my one friend was never able to retract it. Generally once your skin is retractable you shouldnt be THAT sensitive.

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