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I have frequent computer crashes from registry error. are there any free scans that repair free of charge.?

I have tried several "free Scans & repairs, but all they do is identify the problem, they don't repair them. I don't have the the money to purchase registered versions, though most claim to scan for free and repair. I find that after I scan, I'm back at square one.With the same problem. I need immediate help. My computer crashes frequently from registry errors, Pop ups, buffer over run, and patch errors. Someone Please help. Is there a download that truly repairs for free.

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    Go to and download the FREE version of AVG.

    It's an excellent virus and registry checker plus should help with your problems. Once you get to the website, select DOWNLOADS, from the left side of your screen, then select download the "free AVG" version. It's very simple to do and you continously get free automatic updates.

    Good luck.

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  • 3 years ago

    you're able to shop a working laptop or pc maintained all the time so it does lag in velocity. The greater courses you placed interior the slower it is going to grow to be. i might shop removed from Registry test and restore techniques as they could be risky and mess your device in case you do no longer understand what to you're doing. i might propose you install 2 courses. Virus application - AVG unfastened version, that's unfastened for residing house clientele and updates in many circumstances. Xoftspyxe - this might test you pc for cookies, trackers spyware etc. it is likewise unfastened and updates often. It additionally scans the registry and removes malware. you may seek for those in Google and could extremely discover them to obtain. i wish this enables

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    you may also have spyware. a good anti spyware is SPYBOT SEARCH AND DESTROY and is also free

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    Also try and try ccleaner it's also free.

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