Where do you think JJ Redick and Sheldon Williams will go in the NBA draft?

Results of mock drafts have them going 14th and 12th respectively. I think they will both be lottery picks. I could see Sheldon going higher than JJ, just because the bottom teams need a good physical inside player and Sheldon fits the bill.

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    I saw a report somewhere recently that Duke has most number of NBA players currently active compared to other schools, which pleased me, but was surprising. I didn't know Shavlick Randolph was on the 76'ers roster, cool. Anyway, the media would have people believe that NBA GMs will be high on Sheldon Williams based on the recent success of other Duke big man alums in Carlos Boozer and Elton Brand. Personally I think the Landlord (Williams) merits considerable consideration for his accomplishment over his college career including multiple defensive player of the year accolades as well as being only the 3rd collegiate player to amass so many rebounds, points, and blocked shots in a season. I think Williams' accomplishments on the court get overlooked because of all the attention on Reddick.

    All that said, Sheldon Williams should be a definite lottery pick. I really wouldn't be too surpised if Portland (the worse team in the NBA) had the #1 pick and took Williams. But then again I could understand Portland taking local, collegiate All-American Adam Morrison for both the player and the fan support.

    So I'll go with the Hawks at #4 (based on present overall standings) overall taking the Landlord. The Hawks have their backcourt set fairly well, but they need a strong prescence inside and Williams should make an instant contribution, potentially starting from the 1st day.

    J.J. Reddick is a bit more difficult to project in terms of figuring out what NBA GMs might think about him. On one hand if you believe the media then Reddick is going to fall to around the 20th slot. I wonder when the last time the College Player of the Year fell out of the lottery. I've heard critics say Reddick can't create his shot, he's too slow, he can't play defense, he's one dimensional, all to which I say is bogus. Reddick is extremely talented with near unlimited range, a player in the mold of Reggie Miller or Ray Allen. In the present NBA where jump shooters are in the minority, whomever drafts Reddick will be getting a steal.

    That all said, looking over the draft board, it would make the most sense for the Charolette Bobcats to take Reddick at #3 overall. The Bobcats are presently lacking outside scoring, as well as someone that can run with ex-Tarheel Raymond Felton. How scary fun would the Bobcats be at least from a publicity draw to feature a roster of some of the best Duke and UNC alums...? Very.

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    neither is gonna be a lottery pick, shelden williams is at best an undersized center, the quickness of pfs will destroy shelden, shelden has no offensive game, all his points came from garbage points, put backs, or layups. As for JJ he will go between 15-22. JJ will be do much of a defensive liability to be picked any higher. If JJ could improve his ballhandling, he could start for most teams at the PG, and there would be no issues with his defense.

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    JJ should go mid or late first round, all he can do is shoot, and he benefited hugely from the Duke system and Coach K. Adam Morrison is a better scorer (he can actually create his own opposrtunities) and Brandon Roy is probably the most complete player available in the draft this year. I agree Sheldon should go before Redick, who I think is overrated by most sports writers.

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    JJ is more valuable than Williams because he will be the most dangerous shooter in the league even as a rookie. Centers are valuable too but Shelden would just be another undersized NBA player. But Shelden is very very good too. Both will be lottery picks but they will not be taken before the top 5 picks either.

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    I think that JJ is gonna go towards the middle of the first round. Sheldon's going to go around the same place as JJ. I think JJ was amazing in collage but won't be too hott in the NBA.

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    JJ Redick to New orleans

    Shelden Williams to Utah

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    Redick and Williams will both probably be taken in the 10-15 range. It wouldn't shock me if Redick jumped into the top 10 but Josh McRoberts will go higher than both his teammates.

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    JJ will go top 15 top 20 because he's white and Sheldon will go probably late first round maybe ealier if he gets lucky

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    sheldon williams can go high because of his inside power.anybody who get JJ will hope hecan shoot like the suns cause he cannot guard anybody in the NBA and he is not a good ballhandler.

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    JJ will be #1.

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