does the army still discharge people for failing the army physical fitness test (APFT)?

i have a friend in the army and im curious about a lot of things and confused that's why i ask a lot of questions pretaining to the military.

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    I've been out for 10 years now, but yes, the Army will discharge a person for failing the APFT. Normally, the soldier is put on a remedial fitness program in hopes of helping him to meet the standard. The soldier is usually "flagged" during that time, which means he is ineligible for awards, promotions, etc. If eventually he can pass an APFT, the flag is removed. If after a certain amount of time, the soldier does not improve, he can be discharged.

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    Yes and no. No they don't discharge people for failing the APFT, they give them unlimited chances and will modify tests so they "pass." On the other hand people are discharged for failing the APFT but that is usually because there are other circumstances involved, it's like sending a crime boss to jail for tax evasion sort of thing, there are other things involved but this is the only thing that will stick and wont raise eyebrows... you cant kick somone out of the army for being stupid, that is what I am getting at. While I was in Infantry school there was one person kicked out for failing the APFT but he was a complete and utter screw up, in fact there were about 10 guys who failed the APFT but where retested until they passed. As a last ditch effort if a person is lacking they will sent them to a Fitness training unit (FTU) we called them Fat Tired and Ugly, they will get reduced low carb meals and do nothing but exercise all day until they get back up to par with everyone else.

    Frenchy is right, they flag you and you cannot get promoted or recieve awards, I also believe you cannot be deployed with your current unit. My experience comes from initial entry, the first few months of being in the service, none of us really got medals or promotions so we didnt have to worry about that kind of stuff at that time.

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    The Army (As with most of the US Military) is trained to deploy in very hostile conditions and to very remote locations. A person that is not in shape can become a casualty quicker and have more serious complications to illness or injury than an individual that is in shape. That is the reason for the physical fitness tests. If a person fails they are given a period of time to correct the problem, but if they are unable (or unwilling) to fix themselves the Army will discharge them.

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    They CAN discharge someone for failing the APFT after they are put on a remedial PT program. Meany commands will not discharge those who fail the APFT because we don't want to loose people that can be used for the fight. Those who fail the APFT will be "flagged" when you are flagged they get on favorable action, no promotion, no awards, no reenlistment, no change of duty station.

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    Failed Army Pt Test

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    My husband is in the army and there is this one guy who never passes his tests. My husband gets so pissed that they just let them through. The people that dont pass just dont get the same privileges as everyone else. But in basic the team is only as fast as their slowest man, and the slowest man gets beat on if he continually sucks.

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    It depends on how many failed times and how hard your trying. The progress you've made helps too.

    It is possible with the apporval of the chain of command.

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    it depends on your rank and how many times you fail in my opnion. With some when you fail they just make you do a exercise program, either before,after work which from what ive heard sucks.

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