What do you think of the sale of human organs for governmental profit?

China has apparently banned the practice, but in the past they have harvested organs from executed prisoners and sold them for a profit for the state. I think this is wrong because of due process (prisoners killed possibly before they're execution date) and informed consent (taking organs without their or their family's permission). Plus, every human deserves bodily integrity.

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    this site has info directly concerning your question

    It was recently announced that medical researchers are trying to learn how to maintain the viability of ovaries taken from female fetuses destroyed in late term abortions.

    Organs Removed 'Wholesale' From Dead Babies

    In the midst of the debate over abortion lies a secret-hidden, ignored, and covered up. The industry of fetal tissue and parts sales-that's right, selling baby body parts for profit is a booming field for the companies meeting the needs of researchers, and the mainstream media are either ignoring or helping to cover up these practices.

    Science labs across America, from government-funded projects at the National Institutes for Health to university labs to private companies, are dependent for much of their research on cells and tissue taken from fetuses. There is no doubt that tissue and cell research is valuable, but that does not excuse the illegal and unethical manner in which this industry is acting. How has important biological and genetic research spawned this trade?

    Labs need fetal tissue for important research, which is legally obtained using donated tissue from aborted babies, after the mother signs a consent form. The problem is that the need for fetal parts is far greater than the ready supply. Researchers need more than just tissue and cells; they need eyes, legs, kidneys, hearts, even brains, and they are willing to pay high prices to get good specimens. Several companies in the U.S. are meeting these needs.

    Researchers want whole limbs and unharmed organs, and the only way to get them is by using the partial birth abortion method.the abortion industry has continued to lobby for the continuance of this unnecessary procedure!


    Is this why some politicians are pro abortion?

    There wouldn't be a market without a buyer. What length do you go to, to extend your own life?

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    Must be the choice of the subject and not anybody's else option.

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    It's pretty sick. It's like saying, "We can't sell them as slaves, so we'll gut them and sell their flesh."

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    I think that is awful!

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