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How do I plagiarize without getting caught?

I am doing a paper on Bill Nye the science guy and i found an article that would be beautiful and would work as a sufficient report.

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    If you have Microsoft Word, go to Tools and click Auto Summary after you have copied what u need from the Internet. It sort of summarizes it for you. You might have to add some things to make it sound correct.

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    Why do you need to plagiarize? I would say you're crazy for plagiarizing in grade school, but you're in college (or at least I assume due to the topic you have this question listed under). I know it can be difficult at times to get some assignments done but do your own work. This is supposed to be your education. If you got caught, not only would you automatically fail the class, you would likely be kicked out of the school. Don't take the chance. If you can't get it done in time, take the bad grade. It's better than the alternative. -Btw, don't use the sites where people write the essays for you. They can still be detected by turnitin. I had a friend that wrote an essay for someone on site like that and a few months later turned the same essay in for a class of his. Not only did turnitin find it, he almost got kicked out of the IB program he was in, despite being his own work. -If that's what you wanted, you maybe should have been more clear. I wasn't the only one that misunderstood you.

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    Firt make sure you change words or phrases that "don't sound like you."

    Second... Do you have to list your sources? If so, here is what to do... Use that article, then find other sites with information on your topic and list a few, obviously not including the one with the article... Try to make sure that you can actually find details on the sites you list that make it look like you used it, though.

  • If your doing for school work. Dont plagiarize. Like the otherone said it. Read it a sentence at a time, and reword it. Make it your own. Just relize what your writing incase the person your writing it for says " hey what did you mena when you said...?"

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    You will always be caught. The marker simply has to put part of the text into Google. It will come up and if they find a similar article you will be in ****. If you insist on plaguarising change the order of words, supplement words using a thesarues put whatever you can in your own words and dont list the site on you bibliography (give a load of other sites on Bill Nye)

    Cheers (I dont recomend cheating)

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    Rewrite the paper in your own words, add some additional information, and cite the original as one of your sources

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    If you know another language (or can at least search in another) copy/paste to google translate, fix grammer, and you re ready to go!

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    Use a paragraphing tool to convert the text

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    its really actually very hard to get caught by teachers, they just say that to scare you.

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