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Why did george lucas mess up the last three star wars films?

Did he hate getting fan mail?

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    He screwed up the last three Star Wars by getting into politics with them. No one wants to hear about delegates and committees and whatnot. The stories/characters lacked creativity and were downright boring.

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    initially, a clean wish grow to be the only celeb Wars movie. subsequently interior the 1st movie, the loss of life celeb is outwardly destroyed and all of it looks resolved. It purely replaced whilst it grew to grow to be so extensive-unfold that Lucas wrote the two sequels and then the prequels. And in accordance to Lucas, there will be not greater videos even if there are dozens of books that have been counseled by employing Lucas and all are intertwined and flow away an excellent berth for a sequel even if it is very no longer likely.

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    I thought that the last one was the best of the lot! However, the ending of the last one seemed rushed and made to fit the rest of the story. But you are right, they weren't as good as the first ones. I think that they were more into computer generation of characters then in making a good movie.

    I hope that I didn't offend anyone with my answer, and if I did, it was not intentional and was only my opinion. Your mileage may very.

    Hugs ~:)

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    I have no idea. But according to Lucas he didn't "mess up" those movies. He said that if he could find any fault with any of the saga it would be with 4,5,and 6. He wants to go back and remake them again to be more like 1,2, and 3.

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    I don't think he did. He made 4, 5 & 6 first because they had they had the best story lines. Everyone always disses these films but I'm just glad he made them.

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    he was too busy w*nking into a big pile of money to care about the content of the film probably

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    he didnt,got the whole 6 of them,all good,the final one,plus the clone wars one were great i thought

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    Once you have climbed everest once everything else seems a waste of time.

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    to engross his bank accounts by selling crappy merchandise toys of crappy characters to dumb fans around the world. that it's

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    He got too old and senality kicked in.

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